Leaflet company – Demographic-targeted distribution


  • Plan your coverage areas based on the most suitable demographic group you would like to target. At GATE leaflet company, we have demographic maps based on income, ethnicity, age, etc…, Therefore, you can target only those areas, where the residents are the most likely to buy your products or use your services. As a result, carrying out demographic-targeted distribution could get you 2x as many customer than blanket distribution. 
  • If requested, we would actively look for other businesses to share the distribution cost with you in your targeted areas. Demographic-targeted shared leaflet distribution would get your leaflets to the right customers for the lowest cost possible.
  • Moreover, you can follow your distribution online from live GPS-tracking account and track the progress of your distribution.
  • Our live GPS-tracking system allows you to make your random independent spot-checks on our Leaflet Agents. Hence, it  would give you the complete confidence in the high quality of our services.
  • In conclusion, deliver all your leaflets only to your targeted demographic group with a reliable, honest and affordable leaflet company. Our mission is to maximise the number of new customers you can get from your leaflet distribution investment. Therefore, we thrive to give you the best possible leaflet delivery service possible. We want you to become one of our very happy regular customers.  

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