Select the exact area you want to target with your flyer distribution. To maximise your return, we can help you choose the areas where your target market lives. Since, we have demographic information on our areas covered. Moreover, we have the address and household counts for each area we cover. Therefore, we can help you to identify how many leaflets you would need to print.


You can drop off your leaflets yourself at our warehouse. Alternatively, you can send your flyers from your printers directly to our warehouse. Alternatively, we can collect them for a fee. We will count how many we have received from you exactly with a highly accurate scale.


We will deliver your leaflets to your targeted areas at the planned dates. You can follow your flyer distribution in real-time from your live GPS-tracking account. Additionally, we carry out regular spot checks on our Leaflet Agents to make sure they deliver your flyers according to our high standards. Optionally, you can also carry out your own independent spot-checks at any time.  Therefore, you can see with your own eyes that they distribute all your leaflets in a correct manner.


We will send you a full report with screenshots of the exact area covered once your flyer distribution completed. You can always check the exact streets covered in great details with the GPS-tracks from your own live GPS-account. Moreover, you can view how many addresses we have covered and how many hours our leaflet distributors worked on delivering all your flyers.


We will stay in touch after your flyer distribution completed. We are very interested in getting to know the results of the distribution. Moreover, we will share the feedback from you with all our colleagues. We like to praise our leaflet distributors for their hard work.