Door to door leaflet distribution - Cleaning/Dry Cleaning


  • Plan together which areas to target with your door to door leaflet distribution and we would only deliver your leaflets only to high-income households within your targeted area.
  • Our Leaflet Agents would leave out low-income properties to maximise your response rate and target only households, which are most likely to use your Cleaning services.
  • Follow the progress of your door to door leaflet distribution online from your live GPS-account and make a random independent spot-check on our Leaflet Agents whenever you want.
  • We have regularly shared distribution opportunities within high-income areas to keep your distribution cost down, if you are interested in shared flyer distribution.
  • Gain a reliable, honest and affordable leaflet distribution supplier, whose main aim is to maximise the number of people contacting you to use your Cleaning services.
case study


After let down by other leaflet distribution companies in the past, an upcoming London-based cleaning company contacted us to carry out leaflet distribution for them. They were seeking for a professional door to door leaflet distribution company, which they can rely on delivering all of their leaflets to their targeted areas. They were interested in targeting only the higher-income areas within a certain postcode sectors as only higher-income demographic groups use their services heavily.

Moreover, they wanted to keep cost down, so they opted to share their distribution cost with another company.


We have only let them know about shared distribution options available in higher-income postcode sectors excluding all the shared options not suitable for their services. We made sure that we have only distributed their leaflets to higher-income areas within our Client’s chosen postcode sector, so to maximise their response rate. We understood that our Client had negative experience in the past with other leaflet distribution companies, which gave them lack of information about their previous door to door leaflet distributions. It was imperative for us therefore to report accurately in great details of the progress of the distribution sending regular updates, so that our Client would be aware where and when we distribute their leaflets exactly.

Client feedback

“I am very pleased with the services provided by GATE. They always let me know when the leaflet distribution started and when it ended. I am very sure that they did their job because I received phone calls from the customers after the first day of distribution.

The GATE team is very trustworthy and the price is very good.

I highly recommend GATE.” Marineta – Owner of the Cleaning Company

Why choose us

We have in-depth demographic data on the areas within our coverage area, which helps us identify in which area they our Clients’ can achieve the highest response rate for their services. It is very important for us to report every single detail of their distribution accurately, so that our Clients have plenty of information available. We have live GPS-tracking system, which enables our Clients to follow and monitor the progress of their door to door leaflet distribution in real-time. We always aim to build a long-term relationship with our Clients by being transparent and truthful delivering all of their leaflets to their target market to maximise their response rate.

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