Your questions answered



Your question: How do you guarantee that my leaflets will be distributed and do not end up in the nearest bin?

Our answer:
We have live GPS-tracking, which allows you to follow your distribution online in real-time. You can always see which area we are distributing. We carry out regular spot checks on our leaflet distributors. We randomly follow them from a distance and check thoroughly, if they are correctly distributing your leaflets. On top of that, we have many customers who carry out their independent back check on our leaflet distributors.  You can always know where our Leaflet Agents are located. 

Your question: Will you distribute my leaflets to every household within my targeted area?

Our answer:
Unfortunately, not all properties (blocks of flats and gated communities) are accessible at all times. However, our highly-trained and experienced leaflet distributors will make every attempt to access every property within your targeted area. Over the years, we have accumulated a great amount of knowledge about our distribution areas. Therefore, our leaflet distributors learnt the best methods how to access the largest number of properties within any given distribution area.    

Your question: What will happen if there will be leftover leaflets once you completed my targeted areas?

Our answer:
 We guarantee that we will deliver all your surplus leaflets to pre-agreed neighbouring postcode or return them to you, if requested.  

Your concern: I am afraid to waste my money, if something goes wrong with your leaflet delivery process.

Our solution:
As we are a top-quality leaflet distribution company and we are confident in our services. Therefore, we offer Money-Back Guarantee (subject to terms), so you can have a piece of mind. We want you to be perfectly happy with our distribution services. We are only interested in building long-term relationship with our customer. 


Your concern: I want the best quality of leaflet distribution service for the lowest possible price.

Our solution:
We offer affordably priced and top-quality leaflet distribution services with Solus distribution starting from £54 (+VAT) /1000 leaflets. It is important for us that our  leaflet distributors always earn above the National Minimum Wage. We make sure that they are adequately compensated for their hard work. 

Your question: I have a strict budget and I want to reach the largest number of potential customer. What can I do?

Our answer:
Choose our shared delivery options for lower prices, if you are flexible with the distribution area and the time of the distribution. Prices starting from £34 (+VAT) /1000leaflets.


Your question: I want to target only a certain demographic group. Can you help to reach them?

Our solution:
We offer demographic-targeted distribution based on income for businesses, whom can benefit from it. Also, we will make sure that all your leaflets will be delivered only to your target demographic market within your targeted postcodes. Demographic-targeted distribution will get you better response rate. 

Your concern: You do not want to be associated with low-quality, unreliable leaflet distribution companies who pay their staff below national minimum wage.

Our solution:
We pay all of our Leaflet Agents well above the national minimum wage. Therefore, we have very low turnover and managed to build an experienced leaflet distribution team, who will maximise the response of your distribution. Only well-motivated staff will go the extra mile for you. 

Your concern: You have difficulties finding a reliable leaflet distribution company who have well-trained staff.

Our solution:
We carefully select, extensively train and constantly motivate our Leaflet Agents. Additionally, we do not outsource work to another leaflet distribution company. Our reputation and quality of service are the most important for us. 



Your concern: You are concerned about the environmental impact of your leaflet distribution campaign.

Our solution:
We are very conscious and determined to reduce our carbon footprint, as we would like to be a part of creating a sustainable future for the next generations to come. We have analysed our environmental impact and introduced strict measures to reduce it to the minimum, therefore we shrank our carbon footprint below 2 tonnes of C02e/month. We also support Gold Standard projects to become carbon neutral leaflet distribution company, If you use our services, then your leaflet delivery will be carbon neutral. 

Your concern: You are afraid that not all of your leaflets are delivered and some of them are wasted.

Our solution:
We guarantee with live GPS-tracking and regular back-checks that we deliver every one of your leaflets. We do not deliver leaflets in extreme weather conditions to keep wastage to the minimum.


How do you make sure that your team will do a top-quality work for me?
  • Our adult ‘Leaflet Agents’ have all the right attributes to do a top-quality job for you. They are in good physical health, able to walk fast for long distances. They are also reliable and punctual.
  • We pay them well above the National Minimum Wage.
  • We provide regular field and in-house training for our ‘Leaflet Agents’. They learn practical methods on how to maximise the response rate of your campaign. Our comprehensive training includes:
    • best delivery techniques (map reading, delivery route planning, safety guidelines, etc…)
    • deliver and post your leaflets without causing any damage to them
    • access difficult properties
    • deal with the public in a courteous manner.
  • We pay our leaflet distributors appropriately for their hard-work in order to keep them motivated to do an outstanding job for you.
  • We follow every move of ‘Leaflet Agents’ by live GPS-tracking and do regular back checks on them. 
What is our Money-Back Guarantee?

GATE is fully confident in our top-quality and targeted leaflet delivery system, therefore we guarantee you that all your leaflets will be delivered to your target market in the right areas. If not, then we will reimburse you appropriately (subject to terms and conditions*).

What happens with my leftover leaflets?

There are almost always leftover leaflets due to inaccessible properties. We will distribute them for no additional cost at a pre-agreed neighbouring areas. GATE will not waste any of your leaflets, delivering all your leaflets to your target market. 

Why don’t you deliver in extreme weather conditions?

GATE does not deliver your leaflets in extreme weather conditions, because we want to ensure they are posted in top-quality condition in order to maximise your response rate. Delivering your leaflets in heavy rain would damage them and significantly lower the success of your campaign.

Can GATE guarantee the full success of my marketing campaign?

No, because nobody can. However, using GATE is your best chance!

If we said yes, than we would be lying. GATE is an honest company. No leaflet delivery company can guarantee the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The effectiveness of your campaign depends on many variables. Such as the design of your leaflets, your prices, the quality of your products or services, your reputation, your website, your competitors, economic trends, etc… Furthermore, customers might not want to buy your services or products instantly. They often purchase from you at a later date.

However, we can advise you on how many leaflets you need to print to cover your target market. Also, we guarantee that your leaflets will be delivered to the right target area chosen by you with our top-quality demographic software. GATE can live GPS-track your leaflet delivery campaign. We have also our Money-Back Guarantee (subject to Terms and Conditions).

We can also recommend high-quality, low-priced printers. They can professionally design and print your leaflets. That would increase your chances of achieving a high response rate. GATE is your best opportunity to create a bespoke, top-quality leaflet delivery campaign.