• Your concern:You are afraid that your current leaflet delivery provider deliberately overestimates the number of properties it can realistically deliver to and discards the leftover leaflets.

    Our solution:
    Not all properties (blocks of flats especially) are accessible for our ‘Leaflet Agents’. We guarantee that we will deliver all your surplus leaflets to neighbouring areas.

  • Your concern:
    You do not trust that your leaflets will be distributed to all households in your targeted areas.

    Our solution:
    Live GPS-tracking and regular back checks.

  • Your concern:
    You are afraid of wasting your money if something goes wrong with your leaflet delivery campaign.

    Our solution:
    Money-Back Guarantee (subject to terms).

  • Your concern:
    You want to avoid cheap, low-quality leaflet distributors offering unrealistically low prices leading to a lower response rate and both your money and your leaflets being wasted.

    Our solution:
    We offer affordable and top-quality leaflet distribution services, with Solus from £51/1000(+VAT) leaflets.

  • Your concern:
    You cannot find ways of advertising your services effectively to large number of your target customers while reducing the costs of your leaflet distribution campaign.

    Our solution:
    Choose our shared delivery options, prices starting from £34/1000(+VAT) leaflets.

targeted / top-quality
  • Your concern:
    You do not want your leaflets to be delivered to all types of consumers in your area.

    Our solution:
    All your leaflets will be delivered only to your target market using our top-quality demographic software.

  • Your concern:
    You do not want to be associated with low-quality, unreliable leaflet distribution companies who pay their staff below national minimum wage.

    Our solution:
    We pay all of our Leaflet Agents well above the national minimum wage. Only motivated staff will go the extra mile for you.

  • Your concern:
    You have difficulties finding a reliable leaflet distribution company who have well-trained staff.

    Our solution:
    We carefully select, train and motivate our Leaflet Agents; we do not outsource work to a third party.

  • Your concern:
    You are concerned about the environmental impact of your leaflet distribution campaign.

    Our solution:
    If there are leftover leaflets from your campaign, we will deliver them to neighbouring areas. We do not waste any of your leaflets. We also donate money from our profit to plant 1 tree for every 1000 leaflets we deliver.

  • Your concern:
    You are afraid that not all of your leaflets are delivered and some of them are wasted.

    Our solution:
    We guarantee with live GPS-tracking and regular back-checks that we deliver every one of your leaflets. We do not deliver leaflets in extreme weather conditions to keep wastage to the minimum.

other questions
  • How do you make sure that your team will do a top-quality work for me?

    • Our adult ‘Leaflet Agents’ have all the right attributes to do a top-quality job for you, are in good physical health, able to walk fast for long distances, reliable and punctual.
    • We pay them well above the national minimum wage.
    • We provide regular field and in-house training for our ‘Leaflet Agents’ on methods of maximising the response rate of your campaign. We train our ‘Leaflet Agents’ on how to:
      • deliver and post your leaflets without causing any damage to them
      • access difficult properties
      • deal with the public in a courteous manner.
    • Our ‘Leaflet Agents’ wear top-quality branded clothing so that they look the part and reward them appropriately in order to keep them motivated to do an outstanding job for you.
    • We follow the every move of ‘Leaflet Agents’ by live GPS and do regular back checks on them. We also randomly follow them, since we know their exact location at all times.
  • What is our Money-Back Guarantee?

    GATE is fully confident in our top-quality and targeted leaflet delivery system, therefore we guarantee you that all your leaflets will be delivered to your target market in the right areas. If not, then we will reimburse you appropriately (subject to terms and conditions*).

  • What happens with my leftover leaflets?

    There are almost always leftover leaflets due to inaccessible properties. We will distribute them for no additional cost in neighbouring areas. GATE will not waste any of your leaflets, delivering all your leaflets to your target market. GATE will not waste any of your leaflets.

  • Why don’t you deliver in extreme weather conditions?

    GATE does not deliver your leaflets in extreme weather conditions because we want to ensure they are posted in top-quality condition in order to maximise your response rate. Delivering your leaflets in heavy rain would damage them and significantly lower the success of your campaign.

  • Can GATE guarantee the full success of my marketing campaign?

    No, because nobody can. However, using GATE is your best chance!

    If we said yes, than we would be lying. GATE is an honest company. No leaflet delivery company can guarantee the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The effectiveness of your campaign depends on many variables, such as the design of your leaflets, your prices, the quality of your products or services, your reputation, your website, your competitors, economic trends, etc… Furthermore, customers might not want to buy your services or products instantly, but they may purchase from you at a later date.

    However, GATE can advise you on how many leaflets you need to print to cover your target market and guarantee that your leaflets will be delivered to the right target area chosen by you with our top-quality demographic software. GATE can live GPS-track your leaflet delivery campaign. We have our Money-Back Guarantee if the leaflet delivery part of your campaign is not satisfactory (subject to terms and conditions).

    GATE would also highly recommend our affordable, top-quality and eco-friendly printers, who can professionally design and print your leaflets and increase your chances of achieving a high response rate. GATE is your best opportunity to create a bespoke, top-quality leaflet delivery campaign.

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