Flyering company – restaurant leaflets


  • GATE flyering company can plan your exact delivery areas for your restaurant leaflet distribution. If needed, we can create unique maps based on your exact needs.
  • If required, our Leaflet Agents would leave out certain types of properties (such as Council Estates, etc…) to maximise your response rate
  • Draw up a delivery strategy, so we make sure that we always distribute in the exact areas on your planned dates.
  • Follow your distribution online from our live GPS-tracking system and monitor the progress of your distribution in real-time.
  • Send out your takeaway delivery drivers to check on our Leaflet Agents whenever you want. Hence, you always know where our Leaflet Agents are distributing your leaflets.
  • We can proactively search for shared distribution opportunities within your targeted areas to keep your distribution cost down.
  • Gain a reliable, honest and affordable flyering company as a supplier. Our main aim is to maximise your food delivery orders and build a long-term business relationship with you.



A recently-opened, upcoming takeaway restaurant was searching for a reliable and customer-orientated flyering company.  In the past they were let down by several leaflet distribution companies. They wanted to devise and execute their unique leaflet distribution campaign to build awareness of their innovative food. They wanted to deliver their restaurant menus only to their target market. As their prices were premium, they wanted to target only to the middle- to high-income, but not very high-income local residents. Moreover, they wanted help with creating their exact delivery area based on two miles’ distance from their restaurant. The Client also wanted to know how many households are located within their targeted areas. Therefore, they could print the right number of leaflets to cover all their targeted area. They also wanted us to find shared distribution, so that they can keep their cost down, as they have just opened.


Firstly, we gave them a visit in their own restaurant to plan the exact distribution areas. We determined together the boundaries of their targeted areas based on the 2 miles’ radius from their restaurant. Secondly, based on our demographic data we have identified in which areas the low- and the very high-income people live within their area coverage. As a result, we could exclude those areas to avoid delivering their menus to people, which are less likely to order from them. Once we have determined the exact areas to be covered, we have calculated how many households are located within that area. Therefore, our client would order only the right number of leaflets from their printer to cover only their targeted area.

Based on our client’s exact requirement, we have created and uploaded the unique maps into their own live GPS-tracking account. Therefore, our client would be able to track our Leaflet Agents’ movements in real-time and monitor their progress. We have printed out unique maps based on the Client’s exact needs. We made sure that our Leaflet Agents would only cover the exact areas, in which our client’s target demographics live. 

Moreover, we have also managed to find a Cleaning Company, which wanted to target the exact same demographic groups within the same area. We managed to lower their distribution expense significantly, as they shared the cost of the distribution.

Client feedback

“Very proactive in their approach which filled me with confidence. All queries were promptly answered and backed with good evidence. A great tracking system that allows you to spot check. In all the flyering companies I have tried this is the most reliable one. Very helpful from start to finish, very impressed with the service.” Deepak – Chilli Tuk Tuk Restaurant Owner

Why choose us

We always take time to seek to map out all of our clients’ exact needs. As a result,  we gain a thorough understanding of how we can maximise their return on their leaflet marketing investment. We are able to plan and execute very sophisticated campaigns. Furthermore, we make sure that we only deliver our clients’ leaflets to their target market within their coverage areas.

All our distributions are live GPS-tracked. This enables our Restaurant clients’ to make their own independent spot-checks on top of our regular spot-checks on our Leaflet Agents.

Once identified the exact area coverage, we can actively look for other companies, who want to target the same area to lower the cost of distribution.

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