Leafleting London – Gym | Yoga | Personal Trainer



  • Plan which areas to target with your leafleting London campaign. If required, we can create unique maps based on your exact needs.
  • Moreover, we are able to target areas with high-income households. In that case, we would deliver your leaflets only to high-income areas to maximise your response rate.
  • Follow the real-time progress of your distribution online from your live GPS-account. Additionally, we make regular random back checks on our leaflet distributors. However, you can also make your independent spot-checks on our Leaflet Agents, whenever you want.
  • Our experienced and well-trained leaflet distributors are your best chance to access nearby blocks of flats, which are hard to enter. Therefore, we can maximise the number of your potential customers in your closest areas to you. 
  • We can proactively search for shared distribution opportunities within your targeted areas. Therefore, we can keep your distribution cost down. 
  • Gain a reliable, honest and affordable leaflet distribution company. Our main aim is to maximise the number of people signing up to your services. 
  • Our leaflet delivery is carbon neutral. As a result, we help to keep the environmental impact of your distribution at a minimum. 

Book your leafleting London campaign today with GATE for your gym, yoga or personal trainer class!