We are currently in 4th positions based on customer satisfaction among all of the leaflet distribution companies in London – Please, feel free to check out  for yourself here at freeindex.co.uk, and google what some of our previous customers had to say about our services.


I am very pleased with the services provided by GATE. They always let me know when our London leaflet distribution started and when it ended.
I am very sure that they did their job because I received phone calls from the customers after the first day of distribution.
The GATE team is very trustworthy and the price is very good. I highly recommend GATE.

Marineta Serban - Doddle Cleaning & Ironing

Having used a number of London leaflet distribution companies previously, it is refreshing to have found Gate. They are reliable, dependable and deliver as promised. Since using them we have seen an uplift in enquiries from leaflets which satisfies s they are being delivered which we did not receive before. In case there are any doubts they also offer a GPS tracking system which is great for you to be able to monitor delivery so you can track where the enquiries are coming from versus the delivery areas. Great service and would highly recommend. The team always go above and beyond.

case study

London leaflet distribution – Estate Agency case study


A local multiple award-winning Estate Agency client was searching for a reliable and honest London leaflet distribution company. Previously, they had bad experience with some other leaflet delivery companies. They wanted to carry out a regular distribution drop. They planned to deliver their generic flyers to every single letterbox in their targeted areas on a monthly basis. Moreover, they wanted to target certain key streets within their original target areas with different types of promotional leaflets on an irregular basis. We needed to avoid delivering the 2 different types of leaflets to the same areas. Therefore, the local residents would not receive 2 different leaflets within a short period of time avoiding wastage. Additionally, we needed to make sure that the two different type of leaflets can be accurately live GPS-tracked. Hence, the Client would be able to monitor that which area we deliver what type of leaflets.


  • Created 2 projects for the generic and the promotional leaflets in our live GPS-tracking system assigned to the client. As a result, the client was able to track when and where we had delivered the two different types of leaflets.
  • Drawn unique maps for the promotional leaflets based on the exact needs of the Estate Agency. Furthermore, we made sure that the unique maps created would not overlap with each other.
  • Devised a distribution plans, in which we avoided delivering generic flyers within the same area within the same month. Our aim was to maximise the area covered and increase the response rate for our Client.

Why choose us

We can plan and execute unique and complicated campaigns. Hence, before every distribution, we always get to know the clients’ needs in the greatest details and devise a campaign strategy.

You can follow your London leaflet distribution progress with live GPS-tracking. Additionally, you are able to carry out your own independent spot-checks on our leaflet distributors at any time. That will give you a piece of mind that we distribute correctly all your leaflets to your targeted areas.

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