02 Feb 2018

Which area or demographics should I target to maximise response rate for my flyer drop?

Every flyer drop should be always targeted. You should aim to reach the most potential customers with your flyers. If you would drop your flyers in an area where only few potential customers live, then it would be very likely to achieve very low response rate. For example, if your products or services are appealing to high-end customers, then dropping your flyers in a low-income area would likely result in low response rate. Also, if you are roofing/gutter cleaning company which specialised into providing services for houses, delivering leaflets to residents living blocks of flats would be a waste of your flyers.

1)     Identify your target market

Firstly, you would need to identify how are your best customers. As a company owner or manager you must know what demographic group (income, sex, ethnicity, age, etc…) to target. Which demographic group is the one, which use your products or services the most frequently. Therefore, your target demographic group(s) need to be identified clearly as they provide most of your income. If it is not clear that you can determine your target market by evaluating your past customer experience. Moreover, analyse company data on your customers, read trade publications, research papers on your industry, etc…

2)     Design flyers with targeted messages

Once you have identified your target demographic group(s) then you would need to create flyers appropriate to your target market. The flyer design should be appealing to your target market containing messages which are important to your customer segment. For example, if you target high-income individuals then you should have beautifully-designed flyers printed on high-quality paper.  Alternatively, if you aim to target lower-income people, the paper design is less important as your potential customers will care more about your prices.

3)     Find the right flyer drop company

It is very important to choose the right leaflet distribution company. The best leaflet distribution companies can assist you finding the right areas for your flyer drop. Within a certain postcode sector there can be many different demographic groups living. It is advisable to distribute all your flyers only to your target demographic group to avoid wasting your flyers.  At GATE, we can help you selecting the most appropriate areas to target, so we would maximise the return on your flyer drop. Every week we carry out many targeted flyer drops, distributing our clients’ leaflets only to areas where their target demographic group reside.


Please, contact us on [email protected],  if you need any advice on distribution areas or you want to get a quote for leaflet distribution within London. Let us be the GATE to your customers!


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24 Nov 2017

Which leaflet marketing option could get me the most customers?

Door to door leaflet marketing options

There are 2 different leaflet marketing options for door to door distributions. When your leaflets delivered to all the residential households to letterboxes within a certain area.

1.     Solus distribution

The Solus distribution means that your leaflet is delivered alone with no other leaflets.

This option is the most suitable for you if:

  • you want to target a very specific area.
  • your distribution is time-bound with a strict deadline.
  • you want to maximise your response rate per 1000 leaflets distributed.
  • you have a large budget for marketing.

If you would like to cover a very specific area within a certain deadline, sometimes Solus distribution is the only option. Often it could take long time to find another non-competing company, which wants to deliver the same number of leaflets to the exact same area at the same time.

With Solus leaflet marketing option, your leaflet has the most chance to be seen and read by the resident. Therefore, many companies with large leaflet marketing budget carry out only Solus distribution as this is the best way to target certain key areas and achieve the best response rate possible.

2.     Shared distribution

Shared distribution means that your leaflets are delivered with another non-competing leaflet(s).

This option could be suitable for you if:

  • you are flexible with the distribution areas.
  • your leaflet is not time sensitive
  • want to maximise the area you can cover from your set budget.

Shared leaflet marketing option is suitable for companies; which distribution has no strict deadline and flexible with distribution areas. Shared distribution usually brings in less response rate comparing to Solus distribution. Since your leaflet has less chance to attract resident attention, if they receive more leaflets at the same time. However, companies frequently achieve good response rate with shared distribution. It is also the most economical option to cover larger areas and reach the largest number of potential customers from a set budget.

3.     Hand to hand distribution

Overall, B2C companies use this leaflet delivery option the least often. It is a costlier way to distribute your flyers to passersby, comparing to door to door distributions. However, it could be an effective method reaching your target customers if you focus on a certain area such as schools, events, high streets, etc…

Before hand to hand distribution takes place, you might need to obtain consent from the local Council. Certain leaflet distribution companies specialised in buying the license fees from the local Council and able to distribute your leaflets in your targeted areas. Also, they have trained staff who speak good English and can wear your company branded uniform to enhance the impact of your brand.

“The distribution of free literature in the targeted area could be controlled by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 S.23. The local Council within your targeted area may designate roads, car parks, recreation grounds, etc as places where free literature may not be distributed without the Council’s consent.”


4.     B2B leaflet marketing option

If you are company, whom main target customers are other businesses, that this is the only suitable delivery option for you. Generally, there are relatively few requests for B2B distributions. Therefore, there are only few leaflet distribution companies, which carry out B2B leaflet distribution. Usually, it is a quite expensive way to target businesses as the leaflet distributor need to walk large distances among businesses. The flyer distribution companies need to have the correct data regarding the number of businesses located within a certain area.  So they can calculate the cost and the number of leaflets needed to target a specific area. Moreover, the leaflet distributors need to receive specific training on how to approach business owners and what to say when handing over the leaflet.

GATE Leaflet Distribution specialised into delivering leaflets door to door to residential households.

Please, contact us to obtain a quote or if you have any questions regarding your leaflet marketing strategy!


We can recommend the following reputable leaflet distribution companies for hand to hand and B2B leaflet distribution:

JogPost – https://www.leafletdistribution.co.uk

Letterbox Distribution – https://www.letterboxdistribution.com

Leaflet Distribution Team – https://www.leafletdistributionteam.co.uk/

ASA Distribution – https://www.asadistribution.co.uk/


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02 Aug 2017

Which one of the 4 leaflet advertising options would be the most suitable for me?

There are 4 different leaflet advertising options available to target your customers and you would need to select the one, which is the most suitable to your needs.

B2C – Door to door leaflet advertising options 

If your target market is customers, who live in residential houses or flats and you would like to target them with leaflets delivered to their letterboxes. There are 2 door to door delivery options you can choose from Solus and Shared. To determine which door to door delivery option is the best for you, you need to consider 3 factors such as the location of your targeted customers, budget and time.

1.      Solus distribution

On average, you can get the most response rate with Solus distribution. Since your leaflets delivered alone with no other leaflets, your target customers have more chance of noticing and reading it.

Solus delivery is suitable for companies, which would like to target residents in a very specific location, within short time-period and if they have the budget necessary to carry out Solus distribution.

If you want to target a specific demographic group (high-income people, Asian, etc…) or a specific area around your business, Solus distribution is the best option for you.

If your distribution is time-bound, such as leaflets with limited offers, Solus distribution might be your only option. Solus distribution is the fastest way to have your leaflets delivered to your targeted areas.

Solus delivery is the most expensive option. Therefore, it is only suitable for companies, which have the required budget for this type of leaflet marketing.

2.      Shared distribution

On average, the response rate is lower than Solus distribution. However, it might be more cost effective and achieve a good rate of return. Especially, if your leaflets delivered with only 1 or a maximum of 2 non-competing leaflets.

Shared distribution could be the best option for companies, if they do not have a very niche demographic to target and flexible with the time of delivery and areas.

Sometimes, it could take very long time to find another non-competing business, which want to distribute the same quantity of leaflets within your targeted area. In the case of shared distribution, there could be delays in receiving the leaflets from the other company.

However, it is sometimes possible carry out very specific distributions within a short time period as shared. Especially, if there is another company which wants to do shared distribution at the time in your targeted area. You need to always check the current shared distribution availability of the leaflet distribution company for your targeted areas.

B2C – Hand to hand option – handing out leaflets to passersby on street

Hand to hand leaflet distribution could be a good way to target people passing by a certain location frequented by your target customers. Certain councils require permission for certain locations for hand to hand distribution. Usually, the letterbox distribution companies charge you a set fee or charge you by the hour.  It is time consuming and expensive for them to get the necessary permission from the Council. Therefore, relatively few leaflet distribution companies offer this option.

B2B – Delivering your leaflets only to local businesses

If your target market is local businesses instead of residents that is the only option for you. This option is the most expensive option, as it takes significantly longer time to distribute leaflets only to businesses. Only a few leaflet delivery companies offer B2B delivery option, as they need to buy data on the number of businesses located within a certain area. When they have the necessary data, they can only calculate the cost of distribution. Also, they need to have specifically trained staff with very good command of English.  They would have more chance to get access to your targeted businesses and approach managers to talk about the content of the leaflets.

At GATE, we currently offer the 2 leaflet advertising options posting leaflets as Solus or shared to the letterboxes. Please, contact us on 020 8902 6388 or send us an email to [email protected] to get you a quote. Let us be the GATE to your customers!

For Hand to hand or B2B leaflet advertising options, we recommend you some of our top-quality competitors:

Jogpost – https://www.jogpost.co.uk/work-with-us/

Leaflet Distribution Team – https://www.leafletdistributionteam.co.uk/leaflet-distribution/

ASA Distribution – https://www.asadistribution.co.uk/services/

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05 Jul 2017

5 key factors to consider when selecting leaflet delivery company

5 key factors to consider when selecting leaflet delivery company


Once you have designed and printed your leaflets you would need to find a reputable leaflet delivery company, which can deliver all your leaflets within your budget by a certain date. There are many other variables you need to consider when selecting the most suitable leaflet distribution company other than price. Here are the 5 most important factors to consider.

1.   Reputation – reviews

In our opinion, the most important criteria in selecting the leaflet delivery company is the reputation. You should only trust your leaflets with leaflet delivery companies, which have many positive reviews. You can find reviews on leaflet distribution companies in google, freeindex.co.uk, yell.com, etc… On Freeindex, the leaflet distribution companies are listed according to the previous reviews of their customers, which makes it easier to compare a large number or companies. Alternatively, you can ask other local businesses to recommend you reputable leaflet distribution companies they have used before.

2.   Live GPS-tracking

It is very important to choose a leaflet delivery company, which offer live GPS-tracking, as it gives you an extra assurance that all your leaflets are being delivered correctly. You can track the movements of the distributors online from your computer and have the option to make random spot-checks on the distributors without their prior knowledge.

3.   Area coverage

Once you have identified the most reputable leaflet delivery companies, you need to check if they cover your targeted area. Usually, you can find their coverage area on their website. Most of the leaflet distribution companies cover wide area surrounding them. However, if they operate close to your targeted area then it is more economical for them to undertake your distribution and more likely to give you lower prices and quicker delivery time.

4.   Availability

It is advisable to get in touch early in the process with leaflet distribution companies to check their availability and provide you with distribution quotes, so you can budget accordingly. In a busy period, there could be a long lead time for distribution companies, so it is better to booked your distribution as early as possible. Especially, if you opt for shared distribution you need to let the distribution company know well in advance the area you wish to target and the number of leaflets you want to distribute. It could take longer period to find another non-competitive business and the more notice you give the more likely that they can find you another company for shared distribution around your desired dates for your targeted areas.

5.   Price

The price is a very important factor; however, it should not be the only one. The price of distribution can differ greatly even among reputable distribution companies. It is advisable to get as many quotes as possible from quality delivery companies to compare. Also, if your distribution is not very urgent, shared distribution could be a good option for companies to lower their distribution expense. Solus distribution is advisable when the distribution is time-bound and have a very specific area to target.

GATE has excellent reputation. We have over 30 positive reviews combined over Freeindex, Yell, Google. We have live GPS-tracking, which allows you to track your distribution online in real time. Our prices are very competitive and we only take on distributions if we are confident we can meet the deadline.

Please, call us on call us on 020 8902 6388 or send us an email to [email protected] to get you a quote for your leaflet distribution within London. Let us be the GATE to your customers!

Reviews can be found:

Freeindex – https://www.freeindex.co.uk/searchresults.htm?k=leaflet_distribution&l=london&locid=30474

Yell – https://www.yell.com/ucs/UcsSearchAction.do?keywords=leaflet+distribution&location=london&scrambleSeed=831251056

Some of the other reputable distribution companies:

Jogpost – https://www.jogpost.co.uk/

Letterbox distribution –  https://www.letterboxdistribution.com/

TYM Leaflets – https://www.tymleaflets.com/

ASA Distribution – https://www.asadistribution.co.uk/

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11 May 2017

Leaflet printing company selection process – Four factors to consider other than price

There are many leaflet printing companies you can choose from, therefore it is important to select the one, which is best suited to your needs. We have identified four factors other than price which you might want to consider when choosing your printer.


1. Leaflet printing prices:

We have experienced that the most important factor in selecting the printer for most of the businesses is price. There are many large-scale commercial printers, which have a great range of top-quality printing products and can offer very low prices and great service.

However, we have experienced on numerous occasions that some of the very cheap low-quality leaflet printer companies let down their customers. Very cheap printers often complete the order with long delays or produce low-quality leaflets with errors. If you are in a hurry to get your leaflets printed then only use cheap leaflet printing companies with excellent reputation. Our customers often received their inferior quality leaflets what they had to discard. They contained mistakes which would have reflected badly on them, if they were distributed.

Therefore, it is important to consider some factors other than price when deciding which company to use.


2. Location:

Firstly, you need to decide whether you prefer a local printer vs. a distant.

  • Local:

If you prefer to meet the printer in person to ask for their advice or get help with your design then you need to select one of the leaflet printing companies located close to you. They are usually more expensive; however they can offer superior customer service and often faster turnaround time to those located faraway places.


  • Distant:

There are many large-scale leaflet printing companies moved outside London to cut down on their operational costs. They often offer lower prices to the smaller printers, which remained in London. They usually have larger selection of printing options to cater for the different needs of their customers.


3. Reputation:

  • Check the online reviews of the printer companies.

Consider using leaflet printing companies, which have overwhelmingly good and many reviews. You can find reviews for most of the printing companies on Trust Pilot https://uk.trustpilot.com/


  • Ask recommendations from your friends or other businesses, whom have used printer companies before. Moreover, you can also ask your leaflet distribution company, which printer they would recommend.


  • Find out if possible, which leaflet printer companies your competitors use. There are certain printing companies, which specialised into printing only for certain (for example Restaurants) industries. They have accumulated vast amount of experience and knowledge in serving only their specific customer segments.


4. Delivery time:

If a quick delivery time is important factor for you then you need to select a local printer of good track-record in printing the leaflets on time. You could always check on the printing process in person and hurry them up if there is any delays.

Additionally, large leaflet printer companies with many good reviews also a reliable option, since they have large production capacity and good infrastructure to deliver your leaflets on time.


5. Environmental-friendly:

Increasingly, printers introduce environmental-friendly technology to reduce their waste and cater for the needs of a growing segment of eco-customers. It is important factor for many companies to minimise the negative impact of their activities on the environment. We can only recommend to all our customers to use printers with eco-friendly technology, however they are usually more expensive than traditional printers.


List of recommended printers:

There are many great quality printing companies to choose from. We can recommend you the following printers based on the feedback we have received from our customers.

Yellow Print Shop – https://yellowprintshop.co.uk/ – excellent customer service, 3 shops within Central London

Alocalprinter – https://www.alocalprinter.co.uk/ – best for environment-friendly printing

Instant Print – https://www.instantprint.co.uk/ – fast printing and low prices

Solopress – https://www.solopress.com – great value for money

Vista Print – https://www.vistaprint.co.uk/ – good value for money

PrintingEye – https://www.printingeye.com/  – best for Restaurant menu printing


Once you have printed your leaflets, you would need a great quality leaflet distributor company to distribute your leaflets such as GATE! Please, give us a call or send us an email to get a quote for your leaflet distribution within London. Let us be the GATE to your customers!

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