The 4 main types of costs related to letterbox distribution


The total expense of a typical letterbox distribution usually consists of 4 types of costs.


1.    Design cost:

The cost of design is usually free or low. Also, companies often have their own leaflet design used only once throughout many distributions.

  • Free templates: Many companies choose a free template available at their printer, which they could edit according to their needs.

  • Unique design:

However, established companies with larger budgets usually choose to have their leaflets designed professionally from scratch, it could cost anything between £40-£300 depending on their specifications.

a)     Printers:

Many printers offer leaflet design services in order to cater the needs of their customers.


b)    Leaflet Designers:

There are also websites where you can have a contest among many freelance designers and select the best one.

99designs –


2.    Printing cost:

Printing costs can depend on many factors:

  • Printing companies: The cost of printing can vary significantly between printing companies. However, the cheapest printing companies are not always the best. We have had customers reporting that they have received substandard quality leaflets from their cheap printers and often after long delays. Therefore, it is worth checking the customers’ reviews of printing companies before selecting the right one.


  • Quantity: You can get significant savings if you order larger quantities.


  • Size: Very thick, bulky leaflets (300gsm or more) cost significantly more than thinner budget leaflets (150 gsm or less)


We can recommend for your printing needs the printing companies below based on what our customers used before

Instant Print –

Solopress  –

Vista Print –

Yellow Print Shop –


3.    Transportation cost:

  • Printing company:

Printing companies often charge additional transportation cost, especially on smaller quantity orders and if the customer located far away from them.


  • Letterbox distribution companies:

Letterbox distribution companies also could charge an additional fee for leaflet collection. In order to avoid this cost and save time and hassle, it is better to have your leaflets delivered directly from your printer to your leaflet distributor.


4.    Distribution cost:


The main cost of distribution is the letterbox distribution, as this part is the most labor-intensive. It takes 3-6 hours to distribute 1000 leaflets depending on the household density and other distribution specifications.

  • Solus distribution: It is an expensive option. The solus option means that your leaflet is delivered alone to your targeted area. Hence, it usually achieves a higher response rate compared to shared distribution and any specific area can be covered at the first availability. The price for Solus distribution ranges between £59-95+VAT/1000 leaflets depending on household density, quantity and the size of leaflet.


  • Shared distribution: Shared option means that your leaflets are delivered with other non-competing leaflets. It is cheaper than the cheapest option, however, it usually achieves a lower response rate than the Solus option and it also requires area and time flexibility. Therefore, it is recommended to companies, which cover large areas and their distribution is not time-sensitive, as it could take a long time to find another company to share the cost with. The price for Shared distribution ranges between £40-65+VAT/1000 leaflets depending on the household density of the area, quantity, and the size of the leaflet.


Finally, you can read more details about the different letterbox distribution options.

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