There are many leaflet printing companies you can choose from, therefore it is important to select the one, which is best suited to your needs. We have identified four factors other than price which you might want to consider when choosing your printer.


1. Leaflet printing prices:

We have experienced that the most important factor in selecting the printer for most of the businesses is price. There are many large-scale commercial printers, which have a great range of top-quality printing products and can offer very low prices and great service.

However, we have experienced on numerous occasions that some of the very cheap low-quality leaflet printer companies let down their customers. Very cheap printers often complete the order with long delays or produce low-quality leaflets with errors. If you are in a hurry to get your leaflets printed then only use cheap leaflet printing companies with excellent reputation. Our customers often received their inferior quality leaflets what they had to discard. They contained mistakes which would have reflected badly on them, if they were distributed.

Therefore, it is important to consider some factors other than price when deciding which company to use.


2. Location:

Firstly, you need to decide whether you prefer a local printer vs. a distant.

  • Local:

If you prefer to meet the printer in person to ask for their advice or get help with your design then you need to select one of the leaflet printing companies located close to you. They are usually more expensive; however they can offer superior customer service and often faster turnaround time to those located faraway places.


  • Distant:

There are many large-scale leaflet printing companies moved outside London to cut down on their operational costs. They often offer lower prices to the smaller printers, which remained in London. They usually have larger selection of printing options to cater for the different needs of their customers.


3. Reputation:

  • Check the online reviews of the printer companies.

Consider using leaflet printing companies, which have overwhelmingly good and many reviews. You can find reviews for most of the printing companies on Trust Pilot


  • Ask recommendations from your friends or other businesses, whom have used printer companies before. Moreover, you can also ask your leaflet distribution company, which printer they would recommend.


  • Find out if possible, which leaflet printer companies your competitors use. There are certain printing companies, which specialised into printing only for certain (for example Restaurants) industries. They have accumulated vast amount of experience and knowledge in serving only their specific customer segments.


4. Delivery time:

If a quick delivery time is important factor for you then you need to select a local printer of good track-record in printing the leaflets on time. You could always check on the printing process in person and hurry them up if there is any delays.

Additionally, large leaflet printer companies with many good reviews also a reliable option, since they have large production capacity and good infrastructure to deliver your leaflets on time.


5. Environmental-friendly:

Increasingly, printers introduce environmental-friendly technology to reduce their waste and cater for the needs of a growing segment of eco-customers. It is important factor for many companies to minimise the negative impact of their activities on the environment. We can only recommend to all our customers to use printers with eco-friendly technology, however they are usually more expensive than traditional printers.


List of recommended printers:

There are many great quality printing companies to choose from. We can recommend you the following printers based on the feedback we have received from our customers.

Yellow Print Shop – – excellent customer service, 3 shops within Central London

Alocalprinter – – best for environment-friendly printing

Instant Print – – fast printing and low prices

Solopress – – great value for money

Vista Print – – good value for money

PrintingEye –  – best for Restaurant menu printing


Once you have printed your leaflets, you would need a great quality leaflet distributor company to distribute your leaflets such as GATE! Please, give us a call or send us an email to book your next campaign for your leaflet distribution within London.

Let us be the GATE to your customers!