Door-to-door leaflet marketing options

There are 2 different leaflet marketing options for door-to-door distributions. When your leaflets are delivered to all the residential households to letterboxes within a certain area.

1.     Solus distribution

The Solus distribution means that your leaflet is delivered alone with no other leaflets.

This option is the most suitable for you if:

  • you want to target a very specific area.
  • your distribution is time-bound with a strict deadline.
  • you want to maximise your response rate per 1000 leaflets distributed.
  • you have a large budget for marketing.

If you would like to cover a very specific area within a certain deadline, sometimes Solus distribution is the only option. Often it could take long time to find another non-competing company, which wants to deliver the same number of leaflets to the exact same area at the same time.

With the Solus leaflet marketing option, your leaflet has the most chance to be seen and read by the resident. Therefore, many companies with large leaflet marketing budget carry out only Solus distribution as this is the best way to target certain key areas and achieve the best response rate possible.

2.     Shared distribution

Shared distribution means that your leaflets are delivered with another non-competing leaflet(s).

This option could be suitable for you if:

  • you are flexible with the distribution areas.
  • your leaflet is not time-sensitive
  • want to maximise the area you can cover from your set budget.

The shared leaflet marketing option is suitable for companies; distribution has no strict deadline and is flexible with distribution areas. Shared distribution usually brings in less response rate compared to Solus distribution. Since your leaflet has less chance to attract residents’ attention if they receive more leaflets at the same time. However, companies frequently achieve a good response rate with shared distribution. It is also the most economical option to cover larger areas and reach the largest number of potential customers from a set budget.

3. Hand-to-hand distribution

Overall, B2C companies use this leaflet delivery option the least often. It is a costlier way to distribute your flyers to passersby, comparing to door to door distributions. However, it could be an effective method of reaching your target customers if you focus on a certain area such as schools, events, high streets, etc…

Before hand-to-hand distribution takes place, you might need to obtain consent from the local Council. Certain leaflet distribution companies are specialised in buying the license fees from the local Council and are able to distribute your leaflets in your targeted areas. Also, they have trained staff who speak good English and can wear your company-branded uniform to enhance the impact of your brand.

“The distribution of free literature in the targeted area could be controlled by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 S.23. The local Council within your targeted area may designate roads, car parks, recreation grounds, etc as places where free literature may not be distributed without the Council’s consent.”

4.     B2B leaflet marketing option

If you are a company, whose main target customers are other businesses, this is the only suitable delivery option for you. Generally, there are relatively few requests for B2B distributions. Therefore, there are only a few leaflet distribution companies, which carry out B2B leaflet distribution. Usually, it is quite an expensive way to target businesses as the leaflet distributor needs to walk large distances among businesses. The flyer distribution companies need to have the correct data regarding the number of businesses located within a certain area.  So they can calculate the cost and the number of leaflets needed to target a specific area. Moreover, the leaflet distributors need to receive specific training on how to approach business owners and what to say when handing over the leaflet.

GATE Leaflet Distribution specialised in delivering leaflets door-to-door to residential households.

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