We have carried out over 4000 letterbox delivery campaigns for all different types of companies within London. As a result, we have experienced that there are many different variables, which can impact the success of a letterbox delivery campaign. We have only included some of the major variables, which could affect the response rate of your letterbox delivery.

Type of industry suitable for letterbox delivery:

Letterbox delivery does not suit every type of business. Usually, leaflet distribution is recommended to businesses, which want to target every resident with their marketing messages within their local area.

Certain types of businesses generally receive higher response rates than others. On average, food delivery companies have a good rate of return on their flyer distributions as many people tend to order food when receiving takeaway menus.

Types of businesses, which average a good rate of return with leaflet distribution include:


Certain types of businesses can achieve higher response rates if they distribute their leaflets to a certain area, where their target demographic group is concentrated. For example, a Cleaning company would achieve a very low response rate in a low-income area. People on low income would not need Cleaning services, since they either cannot afford them.

We have already covered the topic in Blog 1 and Blog 2, where you can read in detail about demographic targeting.


Businesses, which have a physical premise where their customer would need to go to buy their products or services would achieve a higher response rate if they target their closest surroundings.

More likely that people would sign up to a gym located in an area located closer to them when receiving their leaflet through the letterbox.

Leaflet design/quality:

One of the most crucial factors for leaflet distribution is the content, design, and quality of the leaflet. A well-designed, good-quality flyer with relevant messages would have a better chance of getting a good rate of return. We have already covered in great detail in our earlier blog post what factors are important when designing a leaflet.

Additionally, these are links for professional printing companies, where you can read more on how to create a successful leaflet design.

New vs established brands:

People tend to choose brands, which they are familiar with. Hence, well-established brands usually achieve better results in their letterbox delivery campaign. They regard the better-known brand as a safer option than an unfamiliar one. Therefore, local businesses operating in the local area for a longer time or big brands have a better chance to attract more customers with their letterbox delivery campaigns. For example, a new Estate Agency which just opened up recently in an area would likely get a lower response rate than another well-established competitor like Foxtons, Winkworth, etc…, which have been operating in the local High Street for decades.

In our next blog post, we will continue to list out some of the other important factors, which could affect the success of your letterbox distribution campaign.

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