In our previous blog post, we have already discussed some of the major factors affecting the letterbox drop campaign. These factors were industry type, demographics, distance, leaflet design/quality, and new vs established brands.

In this blog post, we list out more important factors that could impact the results of a letterbox drop.

Website quality:

Many of your potential customers when receiving your leaflets, they want to further investigate your company before ordering from you. Especially, if the service/product you promote with your flyer has a higher price. For example, people do more thorough research before they call a loft conversion company versus ordering from their local takeaway restaurant. After receiving your leaflet, many people before they order from you, go on the internet to find your website. If they cannot find your website easily on search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo) or your website is of a low-quality, they would be less likely to contact you to place an order. The better quality and the better optimised (SEO) your website is, the more chance you have that people will order from you as a result of a letterbox drop.


People also like to read past reviews and testimonials of your existing clients before they contact you. It is important to gather as many positive reviews from existing clients, so potential customers can read a good number of reviews of your services. Send a link by email to every one of your clients to write a review of your services. Most of companies gather reviews on Google reviews (Ctrl+Click) as it also helps rank higher in Google. Also, it is an advantage, if you have a Testimonial page on your website or a link to your reviews can be found on the internet about your services. The more positive reviews a potential customer can read about you, the more likely they contact you when receiving your flyer through their letterbox.


Some companies have very busy seasons every year when many people look for their services/products. These companies usually distribute more leaflets in these high seasons, since they are more likely to attract new customers. For example, gyms, personal trainers, martial arts, and yoga distribute a lot of leaflets at the beginning of January as many people sign up at their local gym after the Festive Period as a new year resolution. For tuition companies, January and September are usually high seasons, when many students (or their parents) are looking for extra help.

Also, many restaurants tend to carry out their leaflet distribution between Thursdays-Sundays. People order more food towards the end rather than at the beginning of the week.

However, we have experienced many times that companies distributing in the off-season, often achieve great results. Maybe, because their competitors are not that actively running a leafleting campaign at that time.

Competition letterbox drop activity:

Competitors’ letterbox drop activity can affect negatively the results of your campaign. We had been reported many times by our leaflet distributors that when they distributed the leaflets of our client, they had noticed that one of their major competitors had already covered that area with their flyers in the previous few days. It could affect their result especially badly if the competitor is of high quality. Their leaflets are good quality and their prices/services/discounts are appealing to local residents.

Usually, when this happened, it resulted in a lower response rate. Local residents, who needed this particular service/product might have already contacted the competitor company. This is a factor, that cannot be influenced. It is only down to pure luck.

Leaflet distribution company:

Another very important factor in the success of your letterbox drop is choosing the right leaflet distribution company. Select only a high-quality flyer distribution company, whom you can trust with your flyers. It is very important to check the leaflet distribution company’s past reviews before you select the one. We are currently in 3rd position on Freeindex among all the London leaflet distribution companies in customer satisfaction.

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