According to various in-depth studies conducted by DMA (The Direct Marketing Associations), Royal Mail, FreshMinds, Data Talk, and Marketing Week all concluded that leaflet drop could be a very efficient way for companies to target customers in their coverage areas.

1.      Data Talk and Marketing Week studies reveal that:

  • 88% of those who received a certain leaflet remember receiving it, while only 60% of consumers can only recall messages received by direct marketing, TV – 59%, Internet Advertisement – 36%, and email in the inbox – 35%. In terms of recall, the leaflet drop is the best marketing channel among all of them.
  • leaflet delivery achieves 50% more response than online advertising and only 7.6% less response rate than the response to direct marketing.
  • 12% of young adults, 15-24 are likely to respond to door drops in the future compared to 13% who are likely to respond to the internet.

2.      FreshMinds research for Royal Mail suggests the followings:

  • 84% of all UK adults recollect receiving a door drop leaflet in the past 2 weeks.
  • 51% of UK adults state that leaflet distribution is an important source of information on local services and events.
  • Consumers prefer getting leaflets from local retailers the most. 93% of consumers claim that they are happy getting leaflets from their local retailers. 81% stated their preferred frequency of receiving leaflets from the same business was a maximum of once every 2 weeks.
  • 74% like to receive leaflets received from FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands.
  • Local restaurants scored 50% and local services achieved 46%.

3.      Research conducted by DMA suggests that:

  • 79% of the recipients of a door drop item claimed that they either retained, passed on to a friend, or looked over the contents.
  • 23% of people involved in the research stated that they read the leaflet thoroughly and kept flyers somewhere safe for future use. Leaflets containing money-off coupons and use-in-store deals are kept by 33% of potential consumers.
  • 71% of consumers believe that free samples, coupons, and offers benefited them in searching for a service to meet their needs. 66% said the same for supermarket offers, 62% for money-off coupons, and 47% for new product leaflets.
  • 38% of door-drop leaflets are retained for at least a few days and 13% are kept for over a week. Money-off flyers are 50% more likely to be kept for at least a week. The data suggest that it is beneficial to include offers to attract more customers.

4.      Research conducted by DMA among businesses undertaking leaflet drops:

  • 88% of respondents say door drop campaigns have boosted awareness of a company’s product or service.
  • 42% of respondents say door drops are a very important part of their company’s overall media mix.
  • Unaddressed leaflet drops are rated higher for ROI than online, press, TV, and radio with 34% saying the medium is very effective.
  • The average response rate is around 1%, however, which could vary greatly between different types of businesses. Estate Agents achieve significantly lower response rates compared to Pizza Takeaway. However, Estate Agents need to sell or rent out a significantly smaller number of properties than the number of pizzas a Takeaway Restaurant needs to deliver to achieve the same percentage of their ROI.
  • 88% of businesses that advertised through leaflet distribution said that their distribution campaigns have increased the awareness of their company’s products or services.
  • Businesses using leaflet drops rated higher the ROI on their leaflet distribution marketing than online, press, TV, and radio. 34% of whom claim that unaddressed mail distribution is very effective.

Our experience:

We have accumulated a great amount of knowledge in trading for over 3 years in the leaflet distribution business. Based on the many positive feedback received from our customers and the fact that 86% of all our customers have carried out 2 or more leaflet distributions with us we can state that leaflet distribution could be an effective method to get new customers.

We have experienced that especially Estate Agencies, Restaurants, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Domestic Cleaners, Dry Cleaning, Home Improvement, Minicab, and Tuition companies achieve a good return on their leaflet distribution investments. These types of companies consist of over 80% of our clients. Our regular customers reported to us that the outcome of distributions can vary greatly depending on the areas and the dates of distributions, their competitor’s activity, etc…. Some of their distribution achieve very low response rates and some are highly successful. On average, however, most of our customers are happy with their return on their leaflet drop investment.

We believe that most of the B2C companies, which target residents within their catchment area benefit from regular leaflet drops. Unaddressed mail is an important way for businesses to establish and build their brand reputation in their local area.

It is very important to create a well-designed leaflet to stand out from your competition.  Also, it is essential to find a high-quality 5-star rated leaflet distribution company like GATE. We would deliver all your leaflets to your target market using a live GPS-tracking system.

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