Leaflet distribution Kensington (W8) is a very high-income postcode in Central London, where our clients book us regularly for their flyer distribution campaigns. We have successfully completed large number of flyer distribution campaigns in Kensington in the previous years. Therefore, our professional, motivated and well-trained leaflet distributors gained valuable local knowledge when posting the flyers for our regular clients in Kensington (W8).

Top Landmarks:

Our favourite landmarks within Kensington (W8) are Kensington Palace in Hyde Park, Holland Park, and Kensington High Street.

Leaflet distribution Kensington – W8

W8 postcode covers KensingtonHolland Park (part) areas.

Kensington (W8 postcode contains) approximately 10,645 households with a population of about 20,460 (2011 census).



W8 4 and 7


W8 5


W8 6





Why GATE is the best to deliver your leaflets in W8 – Kensington

GATE Leaflet Distribution has great knowledge in carrying out leaflet drop campaigns in Kensington. Our motivated and well-trained leaflet distributors will deliver all your leaflets to your target customers within Kensington postcodes. You can trust that GATE will deliver all your leaflets in Kensington (W8) to the highest standard possible. 

Furthermore, we have live GPS-tracking, which allows you to track the leaflet distributors in real-time from your own laptop, as they are distributing your leaflets.

Live GPS

 Currently, we have received 58 outstanding 5-star reviews from some of our very happy regular customers left on various review websites.



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