30 Nov 2019

Leaflet distribution service quality maximisation – How to create a successful leaflet distribution team

Leaflet distribution service quality is largely determined by the performance of the leaflet distribution team. Any business is only able to thrive and be successful in the long term, if it is run by a motivated team. This is even more true for leaflet distribution companies, as it is very demanding job to distribute flyers. There are many aspects of how to build and enhance teamwork to maximise the response rate for our clients. In this article, we are writing about some of the key elements on how to improve the performance of the leaflet distribution team.


Only people with the right attitude and skills can work as a leaflet distributor in the long term. It is very important to carefully select only the right candidate, as door to door leaflet delivery job is not suitable for every person. We select only people who love to be in the outdoors and able to walk in a fast pace for a long period of time. They need to be self-motivated and able to work on their own with good orientation skills. We only trustworthy people should be selected with can do attitude. We only select candidates with either good level of English or people whom we are able to speak in their mother tongue (Hungarian).

Training – improvement of leaflet distribution service

One of the most important factors of building a motivated distribution team is to give them a thorough training. A leaflet distributor is only able to carry out their work to a high standard, if they understand every aspect of their work. When training leaflet distributors for the job, we explain every little detail regarding the leaflet distribution service. Especially, important to teach them the best delivery techniques. Therefore, they can post our clients’ leaflets in the letterboxes in the best possible condition. We practice together how to plan their distribution routes effectively, so they can cover every part of their distribution maps and save time and energy. We also give them plenty of practical advice how to gain access to large buildings. As a result, they can maximise the number of households receiving our clients’ flyers within their targeted areas.


We constantly communicate with our leaflet distributors regarding the leaflet distribution. For that reason, they deliver the leaflets to the exact area of our clients. We constantly update our leaflet distributors with every distribution requests of our clients. Therefore, we are capable to deliver all leaflets according to our clients’ exact specification. Our leaflet distributors give us regular feedback on the progress of the distribution. We always know our leaflet distributors’ exact location, as we can monitor their movements on our live GPS-tracking system. We can assist them if they need help with orientation and we can send them screenshots of the areas if they left out or they need extra area to distribute the leftover leaflets. Therefore, we can make sure that they cover our client’s targeted area fully and distribute all their leaflets.


For us, it is very important to pay our leaflet distributors appropriately for their very hard work. Only well-rewarded distributors will stay long. In the rare cases, when there are any complaints arise regarding their work, we always talk the issues with them through thoroughly. Only by carefully analysing the situation, we can improve the quality of our leaflet delivery service. We also give regular praise and thank them, so they know the result of their hard work. Every day, we talk to them, so we can build up rapport. We listen to their feedback carefully and implement them whenever it is possible. If they need any personal help or information, we quickly provide them, so they can feel valued. We have regular staff parties, where we can gather to socialise and celebrate our achievements.

Mainly due to our excellent leaflet distribution team, we are the 4th position in customer satisfaction among all letterbox distribution companies in London. You can find reviews about our outstanding leaflet distribution service on Google and Freeindex. Please, let us know if you have any questions or need our leaflet distribution service. Contact us now on 02089026388 or request a quote online! Let us be the GATE to your customers!

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19 Sep 2019

Letterbox leaflet distribution campaign – How to evaluate success?

Letterbox leaflet distribution is an effective way to reach your local target market. In this, blog article we write about different factors you need to consider when evaluating the overall success of your letterbox leaflet distribution.

Once you have carried out your leaflet delivery, you would need to consider the following factors.

1. Immediate response rate

Most of the responses from your leaflet distribution will come in during delivery or within 2 weeks after your leaflet distribution has finished. This could be in the form of an enquiry or order. Do not take into account only the converted orders when evaluating. Make sure that you monitor the number of enquiries coming in from the flyer distribution. It is very important that you answer promptly any incoming enquiries. Therefore, you will have a better chance to convert the leads into sales.

Many customers mistakenly believe that the success of the leaflet distribution is based on the immediate response only. However, there are other important factors you would need to consider.

 2. Delayed responses long after letterbox leaflet distribution finished

Many of our customers have reported to us that they receive enquiries or orders weeks or even months after we had carried out a letterbox leaflet distribution in a certain area for them. Residents receiving the flyers often keep them for a longer period. They only contact you to make a purchase, once they need your products or services.

 3. Monitor website traffic

Once you have carried out a flyer delivery, it is very likely that you will experience that the number of visitors in your website will increase. Using Zopim, you can monitor the exact number of visitors to your website. The residents, who visited your website might not place on order immediately. However, it is likely that they will return at a later date to buy from you once they need your services. That is very important to build a great quality website with links to customer reviews.

 4. Returning customers

Once you have received an order from a customer, if they are happy with your products/services, they are very likely to reorder. When evaluating the success of your leaflet distribution campaign, you need to calculate with the average revenue per customer instead of the initial revenue gained from the first purchase.

 5. Recommendations and referrals

There is nothing better marketing for your business then a happy customer recommending your products/services to their contacts. We had one Gardener client, who reported that they had gained only 1 new client from a 3000-leaflet distribution. However, that 1 new client was so happy with them that he recommended their services to all of his friends and family. Consequently, they gained 16 new clients through recommendation.

 6. Brand building and raising awareness

Also, it takes time, effort and lots of money to build a brand and raise awareness. Especially, if you are a new company and your target market is not familiar with your products/services and you would need to raise awareness. The response rate of a flyer distribution is usually lower for newly established companies than well-known companies. Established businesses, serving the local area for a longer time period, get more response as they have strong brand identity. We have many business clients, whom we distribute regularly to the same area for years within 1 to 3 months apart between 2 distributions. With continuous and regular letterbox leaflet distribution, they have managed to build a strong and loyal customer base, whom are familiar and loyal to their brand.

If you would like to read articles on other methods how to raise awareness of your company, clink on this Article 1 or article 2.

Only if you take into consideration all these factors in your evaluation, you can evaluate the real effectiveness of a letterbox leaflet distribution campaign.

If you have any enquires about letterbox leaflet distribution, please contact us now! You can book your next campaign with GATE. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us on 02089026388.

Let us be the GATE to your customers!




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15 Jun 2019

Flyer distribution London – How to monitor the response rate of your flyer distribution

After you have completed your flyer distribution London campaign, it is advisable to assess the response rate received from your leaflet delivery. Especially important, if it was your first door to door leaflet campaign and you would like to make decisions on your future leaflet distributions. In this blog article, we are writing about some of the methods, you can measure the response you have received from your flyer distribution London campaign.


1.     Ask customers how they heard of you when contacting

If possible, you should ask every customer when contacting you, where they have heard from you. Additionally, when customers receive your flyer, they often mention this in the beginning of the conversation by themselves. You can also add a section to your Order or Contact Form, where you list several options regarding where they have heard about you. Additionally, you can track how many more number of visitors visited your website to


2.     Monitor your website traffic and revenue

Check regularly the number of visitors attending your website. Zopim is a great tool to regularly analyse the changes in your website attendance.  Additionally, you should monitor from which postcodes your orders are coming from, after your flyer distribution London campaign has started. If from the postcodes you targeted with your flyers, you have more orders coming in than in the previous weeks, it means that the people have responded to your leaflets. Furthermore, you can analyse how much more your revenue increased in the areas you have targeted with your leaflet distribution.


3.     Add discount code on your leaflet

You can also add discount codes to your leaflets, which would help you accurately track how many orders you have received from your flyer distribution London campaign. Many companies offer a 10-20% discount on the first order to encourage the targeted residents to make the purchase. When they quote their discount displayed on the flyer when making the order, then you will know that they ordered from you, because they have received your leaflet.


4.     Create a landing page for your flyer distribution London campaign

If you carry out a larger distribution campaign, it could be practical to create a landing page on your website. This web page would be only displayed on your leaflets. Therefore, you could make sure that all the website visitors of this landing page responded to your leaflet advertisement. If you would like to read useful tips on how to create an effective landing page, click on this link. Also, there is a list of Landing Page Builder apps, which you could use to create it.

Do not forget that people might not respond your leaflet distribution immediately. It could take weeks or sometimes months before they start contacting you. We have written 2 blogs (Blog 1 and Blog 2) previously on what factors could affect the success of your flyer distribution London campaign. Make sure that you are aware all these factors and have done all the preparations to achieve success.

GATE is specialised in carrying out flyer distribution London campaigns. Please, email us today at [email protected]  or call us today on 02089026388 to book your next distribution! Let us be the GATE to your customers!






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01 Jun 2019

Leafleting tips – How outstanding online reviews would help you to get more clients when leafleting?  

Leafleting is a very good way to raise awareness of your products and services. However, you need to make sure that once you grabbed the attention of the potential customer with leafleting, you need to convert the leads into sales. In this blog article, we write about why online reviews matter and how to get more of them.


Why online reviews matter when leafleting

When potential customers receive your leaflet, they usually go online to try to research more about your company.

According to Search Engine Land study, 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation. Moreover, 52% of consumers states that they are more likely to buy products/services from a local business, if they have positive online reviews. Additionally, 76% of consumers check online reviews to help them decide which local business to choose.

Established companies, which have good reputation and have many positive online reviews, would receive significantly better response rate when leafleting, comparing with those companies with negative or no reviews. Especially important to have great online reviews, if you sell expensive services and products.


How to get positive online reviews


1) Give your clients outstanding products/services

Clients are more likely to post an outstanding review, if they have enjoyed a fast and hassle-free customer service and received a great product/service experience which satisfied their needs. Always thrive to give the best product/service experience to every customer. If any issues arise, try resolve it quickly and effectively.


2) Add a review section to your website

It is very useful, if customers can directly post reviews on your website. If they are on your website to leave review, they are likely to visit other pages as well. They become more engaged with your website, which drives up traffic, which is good for SEO. If you collect reviews on Google, Freeindex, Trustpilot or any other comparison websites, then make sure that the links can be found in the review section.


3) Ask for reviews in email communication with customers

When the service has been completed or the product has been received by your customer, you can send out an email to ask them to review your services. It is important to send the email shortly after they have received the service/product, so their experience is still fresh. The easier they can leave a review, the more likely that they will post one. It is better if you send a link or a form in the email, where they can directly leave it once they clicked on it.


4) Ask regular customers for reviews in person or over the phone

When you are communicating with regular customers over the phone or in person, you can also politely ask them to leave a review about your services. If you have strong and trusted relationship with your customer, they are very likely post an outstanding testimonial happily.


5) Respond to all the reviews posted online

You should respond to every online review you receive, even if it is positive. It is important to thank the customer and show potential customers, who read the reviews that you are an active communicator. Make sure to respond to bad reviews in a calm and professional way, so potential customers would not turn away when read it.


6) Share the outstanding testimonials on social media and your website

Make sure that you share all your positive reviews on all of your social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. When potential customers come across your outstanding reviews posted, then they would be likely to use your services. Also, include the most useful 5-star reviews on your website. So your website visitors can see it and help them making in their decision to make the purchase.

Before you start leafleting, make sure that potential customers can find positive online reviews of your products/services. The more positive online testimonials can customers read about your business, the more likely they contact you after our leafleting campaign.

In total, you can find over 50 outstanding reviews on our quality leafleting services on google and Freeindex. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you want your next leafleting campaign carried out by a professional leaflet distribution company. Call us today on 02089026388 or request a quote online! Let us be the GATE to your customers!







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30 Mar 2019

Leaflet distribution London – Why the quality of my website matters more when distributing leaflets in London?

If your leaflet distribution London focused, it is even more necessary to have a website. A quality website would make you stand out from your large number of competitors.

It is increasingly important nowadays that you have a quality website which are user-friendly, look great and have all the necessary information about your services. Many customers would search the internet before they would contact you. They usually like to look at your website once they receive your flyer. If you have no website or your website is of low-quality that would make a bad impression of your business. It would significantly affect your response rate for your leaflet distribution London campaign.

Additionally, large number of customers prefer to order goods or services online via from a website instead of calling.


Quality website design

Designing a great website is a very complex, time-consuming and expensive task. However, there are website builders, which allow you to build your own website for a fraction of a price. Before you start building your own websites, you would need to consider that the appearance and performance of websites are usually worse. Moreover, there is little support, if you need any technical help in maintaining it.

We usually recommend having your website designed by a reputable and professional website designer company. This will be more expensive as they will build you a custom-made website, however it would make you stand out from your competitors.


The best quality website is not worth much, if it cannot be found on the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…). If your website is SEO optimised and ranks high in Google, the potential customers would find you easier on the internet once they have received your flyer from your leaflet distribution London campaign.

We regularly receive feedback from our customers many people order from them through their websites after their leaflet distribution London campaign completed. Also, they report that their number of website visitors went up significantly from the areas covered in the flyer distribution.

Please, contact us to book your next leaflet distribution London campaign with GATE. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 02089026388 for a quote.

Let us be the GATE to your customers!

Website builders:

Wix – https://www.wix.com/

Go Daddy – https://uk.godaddy.com/websites/website-builder

Squarespace – https://www.squarespace.com/

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09 Feb 2019

How often and when to use a leaflet distribution company?

In short, you should use a leaflet distribution company often and anytime. 😊

In our pervious blog post, we have already covered briefly how the seasonality factor can affect the outcome of the flyer distribution. We will cover in greater details about how often and when to use a leaflet distribution company in this blog.

How often to use a leaflet distribution company

The frequency of using a leaflet distribution company to carry out your campaign should depend on:

  • Your budget:

If you have larger budget allocated then, it is worth carrying out regular distributions in your targeted areas. We usually advise businesses to not to cover the same area within 3 months. Overdoing the distribution could result in lower response rate. It is advisable to distribute 3-4 times a year in your key target areas to build awareness. It is necessary to remind the local residents of your services or your special offers.

  • How large is your targeted area:

If you have a very large target area to cover, then it is advisable to cover the entire area no more than 1 or 2 times a year. We recommend you to cover only the most important areas more regularly than that.

  • New vs Established brands:

Many new businesses distribute flyers more often than every 3 months in the same key target areas.  Leaflet distribution is a good way to raise their brand awareness. Even if they do not attract many new customers at the beginning, people in the targeted areas will become familiar with their brand. New businesses, which carry out regular leaflet distribution will have better chance to attract new customers with their future marketing messages. The more familiar the local residents with the business, the more likely they buy their products/services.

Off-season vs high-season

Different business types have different high- and low- seasons throughout the year. We have quite a few business clients, whom distribute all their leaflets only in their high-seasons. They hope that they achieve better results for their marketing expense in busier times. This is a very valid reason, as that is the time when their customers are more actively looking for their services/products. Therefore,  they are more likely to achieve higher results. However, we have many companies whom report very good response rate for their distributions carried out off-season. In off-season, it is likely that people will notice their leaflets  more easily as the competitors are less likely to advertise at that time of the year.

For example, a few Estate Agencies between Christmas and New Year’s Eve used our leaflet distribution company to distribute their leaflets. Despite this is a very slow time for Estate Agencies, they reported that they had a busy January. Quite a few people receiving their leaflets were signing up to rent or sell their homes. Despite there are fewer people looking to rent or sell their home in January, they have managed to attract that few people, who were looking for an Estate Agency at that time.

In summary, it is hard to tell when it is the best time to distribute leaflets. We still recommend that most of the leaflets should be distributed in high-season. However, it is also worth allocating some of the budget for flyer distribution for low-seasons.

Day of the week

For most businesses, it does not matter which day of the week their leaflets are distributed. They report equally good response rate for flyer distribution carried out on different days of the week. However, for certain businesses for example takeaways achieve higher results for distributions carried out towards the end of the week. As people tend to order less food between Monday-Wednesday than the rest of the week.

We recommend that if your business is generally busier on certain days of the week for some reason, then it is better to aim to distribute leaflets on those days of the week. Since your target customers are more actively seeking your services on those days of the week.

If you have any questions regarding leaflet distribution, please let us know. You can book your next campaign with GATE leaflet distribution company, by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on 02089026388.

Let us be the GATE to your customers!

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29 Dec 2018

Other major factors having an impact on the outcome of a letterbox drop

In our previous blog post, we have already discussed some of the major factors affecting the letterbox drop campaign. These factors were industry type, demographics, distance, leaflet design/quality and new vs established brands.

In this blog post, we list out more important factors could impact the results of a letterbox drop.

Website quality:

Many of your potential customer when receiving your leaflets, they want to further investigate your company before ordering from you. Especially, if your service/product you promote with your flyer has a higher price. For example, people do a more thorough research before they call a loft conversion company versus ordering from their local takeaway restaurant. After receiving your leaflet, many people before they order from you, they go on the internet to find your website. If they cannot find your website easily on search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo) or your website is of a low-quality, they would be less likely to contact you to place an order. The better quality and the better optimised (SEO) your website is, the more chance you have that people will order from you as a result of a letterbox drop.


People also like to read past reviews and testimonials of your existing clients before they contact you. It is important to gather as many positive reviews from existing clients, so potential customers can read a good number of reviews of your services. Send a link by email to every one of your clients to write a review of your services. Most of the companies gather the reviews on Google review (Ctrl+Click) as it also helps ranking higher in Google. Also, it is an advantage, if you have a Testimonial page on your website or a link to your reviews can be found on the internet about your services. The more positive reviews a potential customer can read about you, the more likely they contact you when receiving your flyer through their letterbox.


Some companies have very busy seasons within every year, when many people look for their services/products. These companies usually distribute more leaflets in these high seasons, since they are more likely to attract new customers. For example, gyms distribute a lot of leaflets in the beginning of January as many people sign up to their local gym after the Festive Period as a new year resolution. For tuition companies, January and September are usually high seasons, when many students (or their parents) are looking for extra help.

Also, many restaurants tend to carry out their leaflet distribution between Thursdays-Sundays. People order more food towards the end rather than the beginning of the week.

However, we have experienced many times that companies distributing in off-season, they often achieve great results. Maybe, because their competitors are not that actively running a leafleting campaign at that time.

Competition letterbox drop activity:

Competitors’ letterbox drop activity can affect negatively the results of your campaign. We had been reported many times by our leaflet distributors that when they distributed the leaflets of our client, they had noticed that one of their major competitor had already covered that area with their flyers in the previous few days. It could affect their result especially badly, if the competitor is of a high quality. Their leaflets are good quality and their prices/services/discounts are appealing to local residents.

Usually, when this happened, it resulted in lower response rate. Local residents, whom needed this particular service/product might had already contacted the competitor company. This is a factor, what cannot be influenced. It is only down to pure luck.

Leaflet distribution company:

Another very important factor of the success of your letterbox drop is choosing the right leaflet distribution company. Select only a high quality flyer distribution company, whom you can trust with your flyers. It is very important to check the leaflet distribution company’s past reviews before you select the one. We are currently in 3rd position on Freeindex among all the London leaflet distribution companies in customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions or you want to book your next letterbox drop with us, then email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call us on 02089026388.

Let us be the GATE to your customers!

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03 Nov 2018

Some of the major factors can affect the success of your letterbox delivery campaign

We have carried out over 2000 letterbox delivery campaigns for all different types of companies within London. As a result, we have experienced that there are many different variables, which can impact on the success of a letterbox delivery campaign. We have only included some of the major variables, which could affect the response rate of your letterbox delivery.

Type of industry:

Letterbox delivery does not suit every type of business. Usually, leaflet distribution is recommended to businesses, which want to target every resident with their marketing messages within their local area.

Certain types of businesses generally receive higher response rate than others. On average, food delivery companies have a good rate of return on their flyer distributions as many people tend to order food, when receiving takeaway menus.

Type of businesses, which average good rate of return with leaflet distribution include:

  • Takeaway restaurants
  • Estate Agencies
  • Personal Tuition/Nurseries/Schools
  • Gym/Personal Trainers
  • Minicab
  • Cleaning/Dry Cleaning companies
  • Care Agencies
  • Landscaping/Gardening
  • Building/Home Improvement
  • Kitchen suppliers
  • Public events
  • Religious groups
  • Beauty Saloon/Yoga
  • Etc…


Certain type of businesses can achieve higher response rate, if they distribute their leaflets to a certain area, where their target demographic group is concentrated. For example, a Cleaning company would achieve very low response rate in a low-income area. People on low-income would not need Cleaning services, since they either cannot afford it.

We have already covered the topic in Blog 1 and Blog 2, where you can read in details about demographic targeting.


Businesses, which have a physical premise where their customer would need to go to buy their products or services would achieve higher response rate, if they target their closest surroundings.

More likely that people would sign up to a gym located closer to them, when receiving their leaflet through the letterbox.

Leaflet design/quality:

One of the most crucial factors for leaflet distribution is the content, design and quality of the leaflet. A well-designed, good quality flyer with relevant messages would have a better chance of getting good rate of return. We have already covered in great details in our earlier blog post what factors are important when designing a leaflet.

Additionally, these are links for professional printing companies, where you can read more on how to create a successful leaflet design.

New vs established brands:

People tend to choose brands, which they are familiar with. Hence, well-established brands usually achieve better results on their letterbox delivery campaign. They regard the better-known brand as a safer option than an unfamiliar one. Therefore, local businesses operating in the local area for a longer time or big brands have better chance to attract more customers with letterbox delivery campaign. For example, a new Estate Agency which just opened up recently in an area would likely get lower response rate than another well-established competitor like Foxtons, Winkworth, etc…, which have been operating in the local High Street for decades.

In our next blog post, we will continue to list out some of the other important factors, which could affect the success of your letterbox distribution campaign.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or you want to book your next letterbox distribution campaign email us at [email protected]. Additionally, you can call us on 02089026388.

Let us be the GATE to your customers!

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04 Aug 2018

The 4 main types of cost related to letterbox distribution

The 4 main types of cost related to letterbox distribution


The total expense of a typical letterbox distribution usually consists of 4 types of cost.


1.    Design cost:

The cost of design usually free or low. Also, companies often have their own leaflet design used only once throughout many distributions.

  • Free templates: Many companies choose a free template available at their printer, what they could edit according to their needs.



  • Unique design:

However, established companies with larger budgets usually choose to have their leaflets designed professionally from scratch than it could cost anything between £40-£300 depending on their specifications.

a)     Printers:

Many printers offer leaflet design services in order to cater the needs of their customers.



b)    Leaflet Designers:

There are also websites where you can have a contest among many freelance designers and select the best one.

99designs – https://99designs.co.uk


2.    Printing cost:

Printing cost can depend on many factors:

  • Printing companies: The cost of printing can vary significantly between printing companies. However, the cheapest printing companies are not always the best. We have had customers reporting that they have received substandard quality leaflets from their cheap printers and often after long delays. Therefore, it is worth checking the customers reviews of printing companies before selecting the right one.


  • Quantity: You can get significant savings, if you order larger quantities.


  • Size: Very thick, bulky leaflets (300gsm or more) cost significantly more than thinner budget leaflets (150 gsm or less)


We can recommend for your printing needs the companies below based on what our customers used before

Instant Print –  https://www.instantprint.co.uk/

Solopress  – https://www.solopress.com

Vista Print – http://www.vistaprint.co.uk/

Yellow Print Shop – https://yellowprintshop.co.uk/


3.    Transportation cost:

  • Printing company:

Printing companies often charge additional transportation cost, especially on smaller quantity orders and if the customer located far away from them.


  • Letterbox distribution companies:

Letterbox distribution companies also could charge an additional fee for leaflet collection. In order to avoid this cost and save time and hassle, it is better to have your leaflets delivered directly from your printer to your leaflet distributor.


4.    Distribution cost:


The main cost of distribution is the letterbox distribution, as this part is the most labor-intensive. It takes 4-6 hours to distribute 1000 leaflets depending on the household density and other distribution specifications.

  • Solus distribution: It is the expensive option. Solus option means that your leaflet is delivered alone to your targeted area. Hence, it usually achieves higher response rate comparing to shared distribution and any specific area can be covered at the first availability. The price for Solus distribution ranges between £48-70+VAT/1000 leaflets depending on household density, quantity and the size of leaflet.


  • Shared distribution: Shared option means that your leaflets are delivered with other non-competing leaflets. It is cheaper the cheapest option, however it usually achieves lower response rate than Solus option and it also requires area and time flexibility. Therefore, it is recommended to companies, which cover large areas and their distribution is not time-sensitive, as it could take long time to find another company to share the cost with. The price for Shared distribution ranges between £30-45+VAT/1000 leaflets depending on household density of the area, quantity and the size of leaflet.


Finally, you can read more details about the different letterbox distribution options at https://gateleafletdistribution.co.uk/leaflet-delivery-option-choose/

Please, contact us on [email protected] to get a quote for your letterbox distribution within London.

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24 May 2018

Which demographic group to target with my flyer distribution?

Many companies, which have a clearly defined target-market, would benefit from demographic-targeted flyer delivery.

If it is not clear which demographic group is the most suitable for you, then the best way would be to analyse your existing customer-base. These are different demographic groups which can be targeted with flyer delivery. We included some examples of business types to each demographic group.

1)     Income-based (Income/year)

Depending on the quality and prices of your services/products you can target the following income groups with flyer delivery.

  1. High-income:  Domestic cleaning companies, Jewellery retailer
  2. Medium-income: Gutter Cleaning
  3. Low-income: Food takeaways with low-prices.

2)     Ethnicity-based (% of population)

If a certain ethnic group is a heavy user of your product/services, then you should target the areas where they live with your flyer delivery campaign.

  1. Asian: Asian clothing retailers
  2. Chinese: Oriental supermarkets

3)     Age-based (% of population)

If your products/services mostly appeal to a certain age-group then it is advisable to target the areas where high % of the population belong to this certain age-group.

  1. 15 or below: Tuition companies, nurseries
  2. 15-19: Tuition companies preparing for GCSEs
  3. 20-34: Gyms
  4. 65 or over: Health and well-being, home security, home care agencies.

4)     Property-type based flyer delivery:

If your products/services needed by people whom only live in a certain type of property, then you should target only those properties which are suitable for you.

  1. Houses-only: business such as gutter cleaning and gardening companies as their services only suitable for houses.
  2. Exclude council estates: Companies such as estate agencies and home improvement companies.
  3. Exclude high-rises: Companies such as food box delivery as it is hard to access these type of buildings for their driver.


Once you carried out your analysis, you can identify which of the following categories most of your customers fall into. You should then target those areas first where your target customers are concentrated.

In addition to your knowledge of your catchment area, the best leaflet distribution companies can advise you on which areas your demographic target-group is concentrated.

Please, contact us on [email protected], if you need any advice on areas to target or if you want to get a quote for flyer delivery within London.

Let us be the GATE to your customers!

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