Many companies, which have a clearly defined target-market, would benefit from demographic-targeted flyer delivery.

If it is not clear which demographic group is the most suitable for you, then the best way would be to analyse your existing customer base. These are different demographic groups that can be targeted with flyer delivery. We included some examples of business types for each demographic group.

1)     Income-based (Income/year)

Depending on the quality and prices of your services/products you can target the following income groups with flyer delivery.

  1. High-income:  Domestic cleaning companies, Jewellery retailer
  2. Medium-income: Gutter Cleaning
  3. Low-income: Food takeaways with low prices.

2)     Ethnicity-based (% of population)

If a certain ethnic group is a heavy user of your product/services, then you should target the areas where they live with your flyer delivery campaign.

  1. Asian: Asian clothing retailers
  2. Chinese: Oriental supermarkets

3)     Age-based (% of the population)

If your products/services mostly appeal to a certain age group then it is advisable to target the areas where a high % of the population belongs to this certain age group.

  1. 15 or below: Tuition companies, nurseries
  2. 15-19: Tuition companies preparing for GCSEs
  3. 20-34: Gyms
  4. 65 or over: Health and well-being, home security, home care agencies.

4)     Property-type based flyer delivery:

If your products/services needed by people whom only live in a certain type of property, then you should target only those properties which are suitable for you.

  1. Houses-only: business such as gutter cleaning and gardening companies as their services only suitable for houses.
  2. Exclude council estates: Companies such as estate agencies and home improvement companies.
  3. Exclude high-rises: Companies such as food box delivery as it is hard to access these type of buildings for their driver.


Once you carried out your analysis, you can identify which of the following categories most of your customers fall into. You should then target those areas first where your target customers are concentrated.

In addition to your knowledge of your catchment area, the best leaflet distribution companies can advise you on which areas your demographic target-group is concentrated.

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