Every flyer drop should be always targeted. You should aim to reach the most potential customers with your flyers. If you would drop your flyers in an area where only a few potential customers live, then it would be very likely to achieve a very low response rate. For example, if your products or services are appealing to high-end customers, then dropping your flyers in a low-income area would likely result in a low response rate. Also, if you are a roofing/gutter cleaning company that specialised into providing services for houses, delivering leaflets to residents living blocks of flats would be a waste of your flyers.

1)     Identify your target market

Firstly, you would need to identify how are your best customers. As a company owner or manager you must know what demographic group (income, sex, ethnicity, age, etc…) to target. Which demographic group is the one, which uses your products or services the most frequently? Therefore, your target demographic group(s) need to be identified clearly as they provide most of your income. If it is not clear that you can determine your target market by evaluating your past customer experience. Moreover, analyse company data on your customers, read trade publications, research papers on your industry, etc…

2)     Design flyers with targeted messages

Once you have identified your target demographic group(s) then you would need to create flyers appropriate to your target market. The flyer design should be appealing to your target market containing messages which are important to your customer segment. For example, if you target high-income individuals then you should have beautifully-designed flyers printed on high-quality paper.  Alternatively, if you aim to target lower-income people, the paper design is less important as your potential customers will care more about your prices.

3)     Find the right flyer drop company

It is very important to choose a 5-star rated leaflet distribution company. The best leaflet distribution companies can assist you in finding the right areas for your flyer drop. Within a certain postcode sector, there can be many different demographic groups living. It is advisable to distribute all your flyers only to your target demographic group to avoid wasting your flyers.  At GATE, we can help you select the most appropriate areas to target, so we would maximise the return on your flyer drop. Every week we carry out many targeted flyer drops, distributing our clients’ leaflets only to areas where their target demographic group resides.


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