There are 4 different leaflet advertising options available to target your customers and you would need to select the one, which is the most suitable to your needs.

B2C – Door-to-door leaflet advertising options 

If your target market is customers, who live in residential houses or flats and you would like to target them with leaflets delivered to their letterboxes. There are 2 door-to-door leaflet advertising options you can choose from Solus and Shared. To determine which door-to-door delivery option is the best for you, you need to consider 3 factors such as the location of your targeted customers, budget, and time.

1.      Solus distribution

On average, you can get the most response rate with Solus distribution. Since your leaflets are delivered alone with no other leaflets, your target customers have more chance of noticing and reading it.

Solus leaflet advertising is suitable for companies, which would like to target residents in a very specific location, within a short time period and if they have the budget necessary to carry out Solus distribution.

If you want to target a specific demographic group (high-income people, Asians, etc…) or a specific area around your business, Solus distribution is the best option for you.

If your distribution is time-bound, such as leaflets with limited offers, Solus distribution might be your only option. Solus distribution is the fastest way to have your leaflets delivered to your targeted areas.

Solus delivery is the most expensive option. Therefore, it is only suitable for companies, which have the required budget for this type of leaflet marketing.

2.      Shared distribution

On average, the response rate is lower than the Solus distribution. However, it might be more cost-effective and achieve a good rate of return. Especially, if your leaflets are delivered with only 1 or a maximum of 2 non-competing leaflets.

Shared distribution could be the best option for companies if they do not have a very niche demographic to target and are flexible with the time of delivery and areas.

Sometimes, it could take a very long time to find another non-competing business, which wants to distribute the same quantity of leaflets within your targeted area. In the case of shared distribution, there could be delays in receiving the leaflets from the other company.

However, it is sometimes possible to carry out very specific distributions within a short time period as shared. Especially, if there is another company that wants to do shared leaflet advertising at the time in your targeted area. You need to always check the current shared distribution availability of the leaflet distribution company for your targeted areas.

B2C – Hand-to-hand option – handing out leaflets to passersby on the street

Hand-to-hand leaflet distribution could be a good way to target people passing by a certain location frequented by your target customers. Certain councils require permission for certain locations for hand-to-hand distribution. Usually, the letterbox distribution companies charge you a set fee or charge you by the hour.  It is time-consuming and expensive for them to get the necessary permission from the Council. Therefore, relatively few leaflet distribution companies offer this option.

B2B – Delivering your leaflets only to local businesses

If your target market is local businesses instead of residents that is the only option for you. This option is the most expensive option, as it takes a significantly longer time to distribute leaflets only to businesses. Only a few leaflet delivery companies offer B2B delivery options, as they need to buy data on the number of businesses located within a certain area. When they have the necessary data, they can only calculate the cost of distribution. Also, they need to have specifically trained staff with a very good command of English.  They would have more chances to get access to your targeted businesses and approach managers to talk about the content of the leaflets.

At GATE, we currently offer 2 leaflet advertising options posting leaflets as Solus or shared to the letterboxes. Please, contact us on 020 8902 6388 or send us an email at [email protected] or book your next campaign through our website. Let us be the GATE to your customers!

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