5 key factors to consider when selecting a leaflet delivery company


Once you have designed and printed your leaflets you would need to find a reputable leaflet delivery company, which can deliver all your leaflets within your budget by a certain date. There are many other variables you need to consider when selecting the most suitable leaflet distribution company other than price. Here are the 5 most important factors to consider.

1.   Reputation – reviews

In our opinion, the most important criterion in selecting the leaflet delivery company is reputation. You should only trust your leaflets with leaflet delivery companies, which have many positive reviews. You can find reviews on leaflet distribution companies on google, freeindex.co.uk, yell.com, etc… On Freeindex, the leaflet distribution companies are listed according to the previous reviews of their customers, which makes it easier to compare a large number or companies. Alternatively, you can ask other local businesses to recommend you reputable leaflet distribution companies they have used before.

2.   Live GPS-tracking

It is very important to choose a leaflet delivery company, which offers live GPS-tracking, as it gives you an extra assurance that all your leaflets are being delivered correctly. You can track the movements of the distributors online from your computer and have the option to make random spot-checks on the distributors without their prior knowledge.

3.   Area coverage

Once you have identified the most reputable leaflet delivery companies, you need to check if they cover your targeted area. Usually, you can find their coverage area on their website. Most of the leaflet distribution companies cover a wide area surrounding them. However, if they operate close to your targeted area then it is more economical for them to undertake your distribution and more likely to give you lower prices and quicker delivery time.

4.   Availability

It is advisable to get in touch early in the process with leaflet distribution companies to check their availability and provide you with distribution quotes, so you can budget accordingly. In a busy period, there could be a long lead time for distribution companies, so it is better to book your distribution as early as possible. Especially, if you opt for shared distribution you need to let the distribution company know well in advance the area you wish to target and the number of leaflets you want to distribute. It could take a longer period to find another non-competitive business and the more notice you give the more likely that they can find you another company for shared distribution around your desired dates for your targeted areas.

5.   Price

The price is a very important factor; however, it should not be the only one. The price of distribution can differ greatly even among reputable distribution companies. It is advisable to get as many quotes as possible from quality delivery companies to compare. Also, if your distribution is not very urgent, shared distribution could be a good option for companies to lower their distribution expense. Solus distribution is advisable when the distribution is time-bound and has a very specific area to target.

GATE has an excellent reputation. We have over 60 positive reviews combined over Freeindex, Yell, Google. We have live GPS-tracking, which allows you to track your distribution online in real-time. Our prices are very competitive and we only take on distributions if we are confident we can meet the deadline.

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Reviews can be found:

Freeindex – https://www.freeindex.co.uk/searchresults.htm?k=leaflet_distribution&l=london&locid=30474

Yell – https://www.yell.com/ucs/UcsSearchAction.do?keywords=leaflet+distribution&location=london&scrambleSeed=831251056

Some of the other reputable distribution companies:

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