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Top Landmarks:

Kingsbury has 2 large and picturesque outdoor area Fryent Country Park and the Brent Reservoir. Fryent Country Park stretches over 103 hectares (254 acres) of rolling fields and small woods. Brent Reservoir is a great place for families to take a stroll or dog owners to walk their pets. The water to the Brent Reservoir is supplied by the Silk Stream and the River Brent.

RAF Museum London, where you can learn the history of British aviation while having great fun.


Ethnicity: Whites 34%, Indian 21%. Black Caribbean 20%, Other Asian 11%, Black African 6%

Religion: Christian 41%, Muslim 21%, and Hindu 20%.

Leaflet distribution Kingsbury NW9

NW9 postcode consists of The HydeColindaleKingsburyWest HendonWembley Park (part), Queensbury (part). Furthermore, it contains approx. 20,873 households with a population of about 60,680 (based on 2011 census). However, since 2011, many large new housing developments were built, especially in NW9 5 – Colindale. Therefore, the estimated household number is closer to the 25000 households.



Demographics (mainly)

NW9 0



NW9 5


Low- to medium-income, many newly-built flats

NW9 6



NW9 7 & 8


Medium- to high-income

NW9 9





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