Leaflet distribution service quality is largely determined by the performance of the leaflet distribution team. Any business is only able to thrive and be successful in the long term, if it is run by a motivated team. This is even more true for leaflet distribution companies, as it is very demanding job to distribute flyers. There are many aspects of how to build and enhance teamwork to maximise the response rate for our clients. In this article, we are writing about some of the key elements on how to improve the performance of the leaflet distribution team.


Only people with the right attitude and skills can work as a leaflet distributor in the long term. It is very important to carefully select only the right candidate, as door to door leaflet delivery job is not suitable for every person. We select only people who love to be in the outdoors and able to walk in a fast pace for a long period of time. They need to be self-motivated and able to work on their own with good orientation skills. We only trustworthy people should be selected with can do attitude. We only select candidates with either good level of English or people whom we are able to speak in their mother tongue (Hungarian).

Training – improvement of leaflet distribution service

One of the most important factors of building a motivated distribution team is to give them a thorough training. A leaflet distributor is only able to carry out their work to a high standard, if they understand every aspect of their work. When training leaflet distributors for the job, we explain every little detail regarding the leaflet distribution service. Especially, important to teach them the best delivery techniques. Therefore, they can post our clients’ leaflets in the letterboxes in the best possible condition. We practice together how to plan their distribution routes effectively, so they can cover every part of their distribution maps and save time and energy. We also give them plenty of practical advice how to gain access to large buildings. As a result, they can maximise the number of households receiving our clients’ flyers within their targeted areas.


We constantly communicate with our leaflet distributors regarding the leaflet distribution. For that reason, they deliver the leaflets to the exact area of our clients. We constantly update our leaflet distributors with every distribution requests of our clients. Therefore, we are capable to deliver all leaflets according to our clients’ exact specification. Our leaflet distributors give us regular feedback on the progress of the distribution. We always know our leaflet distributors’ exact location, as we can monitor their movements on our live GPS-tracking system. We can assist them if they need help with orientation and we can send them screenshots of the areas if they left out or they need extra area to distribute the leftover leaflets. Therefore, we can make sure that they cover our client’s targeted area fully and distribute all their leaflets.


For us, it is very important to pay our leaflet distributors appropriately for their very hard work. Only well-rewarded distributors will stay long. In the rare cases, when there are any complaints arise regarding their work, we always talk the issues with them through thoroughly. Only by carefully analysing the situation, we can improve the quality of our leaflet delivery service. We also give regular praise and thank them, so they know the result of their hard work. Every day, we talk to them, so we can build up rapport. We listen to their feedback carefully and implement them whenever it is possible. If they need any personal help or information, we quickly provide them, so they can feel valued. We have regular staff parties, where we can gather to socialise and celebrate our achievements.

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