Leafleting is a very good way to raise awareness of your products and services. However, you need to make sure that once you grabbed the attention of the potential customer with leafleting, you need to convert the leads into sales. In this blog article, we write about why online reviews matter and how to get more of them.


Why your online reviews matter when leafleting

When potential customers receive your leaflet, they usually go online to try to research more about your company.

According to a Search Engine Land study, 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Moreover, 52% of consumers state that they are more likely to buy products/services from a local business if they have positive online reviews. Additionally, 76% of consumers check online reviews to help them decide which local business to choose.

Established companies, which have good reputations and have many positive online reviews, would receive significantly better response rates when leafleting, compared with those companies with negative or no reviews. Especially important to have great online reviews, if you sell expensive services and products.


How to get positive online reviews


1) Give your clients outstanding products/services

Clients are more likely to post an outstanding review if they have enjoyed fast and hassle-free customer service and received a great product/service experience that satisfied their needs. Always thrive to give the best product/service experience to every customer. If any issues arise, try to resolve them quickly and effectively.


2) Add a review section to your website

It is very useful if customers can directly post reviews on your website. If they are on your website to leave reviews, they are likely to visit other pages as well. They become more engaged with your website, which drives up traffic, which is good for SEO. If you collect reviews on Google, Freeindex, Trustpilot, or any other comparison websites, then make sure that the links can be found in the review section.


3) Ask for reviews in email communication with customers

When the service has been completed or the product has been received by your customer, you can send out an email to ask them to review your services. It is important to send the email shortly after they have received the service/product, so their experience is still fresh. The easier they can leave a review, the more likely they will post one. It is better if you send a link or a form in the email, where they can directly leave it once they clicked on it.


4) Ask regular customers for reviews in person or over the phone

When you are communicating with regular customers over the phone or in person, you can also politely ask them to leave a review about your services. If you have a strong and trusted relationship with your customer, they are very likely to post an outstanding testimonial happily.


5) Respond to all the reviews posted online

You should respond to every online review you receive, even if it is positive. It is important to thank the customer and show potential customers, who read the reviews that you are an active communicator. Make sure to respond to bad reviews in a calm and professional way, so potential customers would not turn away when reading them.


6) Share the outstanding testimonials on social media and your website

Make sure that you share all your positive reviews on all of your social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… When potential customers come across your outstanding reviews posted, then they would be likely to use your services. Also, include the most useful 5-star reviews on your website. So your website visitors can see it and help them make their decision to make the purchase.

Before you start leafleting, make sure that potential customers can find positive online reviews of your products/services. The more positive online testimonials can customers read about your business, the more likely they contact you after our leafleting campaign.

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