After you have completed your flyer distribution London campaign, it is advisable to assess the response rate received from your leaflet delivery. Especially important, if it was your first door-to-door leaflet campaign and you would like to make decisions on your future leaflet distributions. In this blog article, we are writing about some of the methods, you can measure the response you have received from your flyer distribution London campaign.


1.     Ask customers how they heard of you when contacting

If possible, you should ask every customer when contacting you, where they have heard from you. Additionally, when customers receive your flyer, they often mention this in the beginning of the conversation by themselves. You can also add a section to your Order or Contact Form, where you list several options regarding where they have heard about you. Additionally, you can track how many more visitors visited your website to


2.     Monitor your website traffic and revenue

Check regularly the number of visitors attending your website. Zopim is a great tool to regularly analyse the changes in your website attendance.  Additionally, you should monitor from which postcodes your orders are coming after your flyer distribution London campaign has started. If from the postcodes you targeted with your flyers, you have more orders coming in than in the previous weeks, it means that the people have responded to your leaflets. Furthermore, you can analyse how much more your revenue increased in the areas you have targeted with your leaflet distribution.


3.     Add a discount code on your leaflet

You can also add discount codes to your leaflets, which would help you accurately track how many orders you have received from your flyer distribution London campaign. Many companies offer a 10-20% discount on the first order to encourage the targeted residents to make the purchase. When they quote their discount displayed on the flyer when making the order, then you will know that they ordered from you, because they have received your leaflet.


4.     Create a landing page for your flyer distribution London campaign

If you carry out a larger distribution campaign, it could be practical to create a landing page on your website. This web page would be only displayed on your leaflets. Therefore, you could make sure that all the website visitors of this landing page responded to your leaflet advertisement. If you would like to read useful tips on how to create an effective landing page, click on this link. Also, there is a list of Landing Page Builder apps, which you could use to create it.

Do not forget that people might not respond to your leaflet distribution immediately. It could take weeks or sometimes months before they start contacting you. We have written 2 blogs (Blog 1 and Blog 2) previously on what factors could affect the success of your flyer distribution London campaign. Make sure that you are aware of all these factors and have done all the preparations to achieve success.

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