In short, you should use a leaflet distribution company often and anytime. 😊

In our previous blog post, we have already covered briefly how the seasonality factor can affect the outcome of the flyer distribution. We will cover in greater detail how often and when to use a leaflet distribution company in this blog.

How often to use a leaflet distribution company

The frequency of using a leaflet distribution company to carry out your campaign should depend on:

  • Your budget:

If you have a larger budget allocated then, it is worth carrying out regular distributions in your targeted areas. We usually advise businesses not to cover the same area within 3 months. Overdoing the distribution could result in a lower response rate. It is advisable to distribute 3-4 times a year in your key target areas to build awareness. It is necessary to remind the local residents of your services or your special offers.

If you have a very large target area to cover, then it is advisable to cover the entire area no more than 1 or 2 times a year. We recommend you cover only the most important areas more regularly than that.

  • New vs Established brands:

Many new businesses distribute flyers more often than every 3 months in the same key target areas.  Leaflet distribution is a good way to raise brand awareness. Even if they do not attract many new customers at the beginning, people in the targeted areas will become familiar with their brand. New businesses, which carry out regular leaflet distribution will have a better chance to attract new customers with their future marketing messages. The more familiar the local residents are with the business, the more likely they buy their products/services.

Off-season vs high-season

Different business types have different high- and low- seasons throughout the year. We have quite a few business clients, who distribute all their leaflets only in their high-seasons. They hope that they achieve better results for their marketing expense in busier times. This is a very valid reason, as that is the time when their customers are more actively looking for their services/products. Therefore,  they are more likely to achieve higher results. However, we have many companies who report very good response rates for their distributions carried out off-season. In the off-season, it is likely that people will notice their leaflets more easily as the competitors are less likely to advertise at that time of the year.

For example, a few Estate Agencies between Christmas and New Year’s Eve used our leaflet distribution company to distribute their leaflets. Despite this being a very slow time for Estate Agencies, they reported that they had a busy January. Quite a few people receiving their leaflets were signing up to rent or sell their homes. Despite there being fewer people looking to rent or sell their home in January, they have managed to attract that few people, who were looking for an Estate Agency at that time.

In summary, it is hard to tell when it is the best time to distribute leaflets. We still recommend that most of the leaflets should be distributed in high season. However, it is also worth allocating some of the budgets for flyer distribution for low seasons.

Day of the week

For most businesses, it does not matter which day of the week their leaflets are distributed. They report an equally good response rate for flyer distribution carried out on different days of the week. However, certain businesses for example takeaway restaurants achieve higher results for distributions carried out towards the end of the week. As people tend to order less food between Monday-Wednesday than the rest of the week.

We recommend that if your business is generally busier on certain days of the week for some reason, then it is better to aim to distribute leaflets on those days of the week. Since your target customers are more actively seeking your services on those days of the week.

If you have any questions regarding leaflet distribution, please let us know. You can book your next campaign with GATE leaflet distribution company, by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on 02089026388.

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