Letterbox leaflet distribution is an effective way to reach your local target market. In this, blog article we write about different factors you need to consider when evaluating the overall success of your letterbox leaflet distribution.

Once you have carried out your leaflet delivery, you would need to consider the following factors.

1. Immediate response rate

Most of the responses from your leaflet distribution will come in during delivery or within 2 weeks after your leaflet distribution has finished. This could be in the form of an enquiry or order. Do not take into account only the converted orders when evaluating. Make sure that you monitor the number of enquiries coming in from the flyer distribution. It is very important that you answer promptly any incoming enquiries. Therefore, you will have a better chance to convert the leads into sales.

Many customers mistakenly believe that the success of the leaflet distribution is based on the immediate response only. However, there are other important factors you would need to consider.

 2. Delayed responses long after letterbox leaflet distribution finished

Many of our customers have reported to us that they receive enquiries or orders weeks or even months after we had carried out a letterbox leaflet distribution in a certain area for them. Residents receiving the flyers often keep them for a longer period. They only contact you to make a purchase, once they need your products or services.

 3. Monitor website traffic

Once you have carried out a flyer delivery, it is very likely that you will experience the number of visitors to your website will increase. Using Zopim, you can monitor the exact number of visitors to your website. The residents, who visited your website might not place an order immediately. However, it is likely that they will return at a later date to buy from you once they need your services. That is very important to build a great quality website with links to customer reviews.

 4. Returning customers

Once you have received an order from a customer, if they are happy with your products/services, they are very likely to reorder. When evaluating the success of your leaflet distribution campaign, you need to calculate the average revenue per customer instead of the initial revenue gained from the first purchase.

 5. Recommendations and referrals

There is nothing better marketing for your business than a happy customer recommending your products/services to their contacts. We had one Gardener client, who reported that they had gained only 1 new client from a 3000-leaflet distribution. However, 1 new client was so happy with them that he recommended their services to all of his friends and family. Consequently, they gained 16 new clients through recommendations.

 6. Brand building and raising awareness

Also, it takes time, effort and lots of money to build a brand and raise awareness. Especially, if you are a new company and your target market is not familiar with your products/services and you would need to raise awareness. The response rate of a flyer distribution is usually lower for newly established companies than for well-known companies. Established businesses, serving the local area for a longer time period, get more responses as they have a strong brand identity. We have many business clients, whom we distribute regularly to the same area for years within 1 to 3 months apart between 2 distributions. With continuous and regular letterbox leaflet distribution, they have managed to build a strong and loyal customer base, who are familiar and loyal to their brand.

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Only if you take into consideration all these factors in your evaluation, you can evaluate the real effectiveness of a letterbox leaflet distribution campaign.

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